Sat, Feb 08, 2003

David Limbaugh | February 08, 2003

Someone recently e-mailed me a news story under a headline so preposterous I figured there had to be more to the story -- and there was, but not much.

Robert Novak | February 08, 2003

Newly installed Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, accustomed to working odd hours as a physician, may force Democrats to actually filibuster if they intend to prevent a confirmation on judicial nominee Miguel Estrada.

Fri, Feb 07, 2003

Thomas Sowell | February 07, 2003

In addition to all the euphemisms concocted to evade the simple fact of racial quotas and double standards, there has long been a fog of obscure phrases shrouding the issues involved.

Michelle Malkin | February 07, 2003

Hillary Clinton made headlines a few weeks ago with her macho talk about national security. Watch her lips move:

Brent Bozell | February 07, 2003

Nearly everyone loves the idea of fame and fortune, but at what cost? As the news headlines tell us almost every day, some of the richest and most famous people turn out to be the unhappiest, most demented people in the world.

Jonah Goldberg | February 07, 2003

If I were the sort of high-ranking Iraqi official who gets briefed on what's going on abroad -rather than spoonfed propaganda -I would be telling my wife and kids to pack their bags and check into a French hotel as quickly as possible (Lord knows the French would welcome them).

Mona Charen | February 07, 2003

With all the enthusiasm of a teen-ager getting out of bed on a school day, American liberals are beginning to line up for war against Iraq.

Cal Thomas | February 07, 2003

"Reading Is Fundamental, " says the bumper sticker. "If you can read this, thank a teacher, " says another. Whom do you thank, or blame, if you can't read or read well?

Oliver North | February 07, 2003

The similarities are almost surreal. Everyone knows that a terrible crime has been committed. The blood, bodies, photographs, tape recordings, hundreds of investigators and reams of scientific data support the charges.

Jacob Sullum | February 07, 2003

During Ed Rosenthal's trial, a defense witness mentioned that he had met the marijuana cultivation expert "in the context of Proposition 215." U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer interrupted the witness, instructed the jury to disregard his statement, and took over the questioning.

John McCaslin | February 07, 2003

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) walked onto an otherwise empty floor of the Senate this week to proclaim as heroes the seven astronauts who lost their lives in the Space Shuttle Columbia explosion.

Rich Lowry | February 07, 2003

On Nov. 14, 2002, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activists jumped on the runway during the Victoria's Secret fashion show and denounced Gisele Bundchen as "Fur Scum."

George Will | February 07, 2003

The attacks catalyzed an institutional crisis that could have left a demoralized FBI with its skills squandered and its mission diminished.

Thu, Feb 06, 2003

Ann Coulter | February 06, 2003

Why was the shuttle explosion being covered like the 9-11 terrorist attack?

Thomas Sowell | February 06, 2003

It has been said that, when Ronald Reagan was governor of California, someone told him that admitting students to the University of California on individual performance alone could mean that all the students at Berkeley might be Asian Americans.

Larry Elder | February 06, 2003

"Old Europe," said a testy Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, needs to step aside in favor of America's true allies and new friends. As to European resistance to a possible military strike against Iraq, Rumsfeld said, "You're thinking of Europe as Germany and France.

Cal Thomas | February 06, 2003

Speaking to the U.N. Security Council on Wednesday (Feb. 5), Secretary of State Colin Powell made so strong a case that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein is in material breach of U.N. resolutions that only the duped, the dumb and the desperate could ignore it.

Suzanne Fields | February 06, 2003

The president's quiet eloquence was elegiac and elevating, a tribute first to the seven astronauts and then an attempt to dampen the exhortations of those who would use the Columbia catastrophe to put an end to manned space flights, the Nervous Nellies who would have halted Lewis and Clark at the first sign of dysentery in the wilderness.

Maggie Gallagher | February 06, 2003

At Texas Tech, professor Michael Dini, an associate professor of biology, faces Justice Department scrutiny and a lawsuit for his public refusal to write letters of recommendation for any student who fails to "truthfully and forthrightly affirm a scientific answer" to the question of the origins of human beings.

Emmett Tyrrell | February 06, 2003

The sight of George W. Bush comfortably ensconced in the White House and of his liberal opponents forlornly shivering in the cold vividly signifies that the winds of history have ushered in a new era.

George Will | February 06, 2003

In estimating the potential impact of Colin Powell's U.N. presentation on persons bent on believing there is no justification for a military response to Iraq's behavior, remember the human capacity for the willful suspension of disbelief.

William F. Buckley | February 06, 2003

The History Channel on television had an hour on World War I. It focused on the attempt by the British to build parallel tunnels that would permit explosives to be detonated inside the German lines in eastern France.

Larry Kudlow | February 06, 2003

The stock market surged Wednesday as Secretary of State Colin Powell effectively made the case before the UN Security Council that Saddam Hussein and his despotic government are in material breach of Resolution 1441.

Ross Mackenzie | February 06, 2003

Lest we too-quickly forget a third mission of equal importance confronting us, this is a column about Columbia, space and manned space flight.

Wed, Feb 05, 2003

Michelle Malkin | February 05, 2003

For those few of us in the mainstream media who openly support Second Amendment rights, research scholar John Lott has been -- or rather, had been -- an absolute godsend.

Walter E. Williams | February 05, 2003

Last week's column discussed some of the controversy surrounding the University of Michigan's admissions practices, where blacks and Hispanics are given points based solely on race, and where whites are turned away to admit blacks and Hispanics with much lower academic qualifications.

Brent Bozell | February 05, 2003

Anyone who doesn't believe that journalism is often politics by other means ought to learn a little about Jerry Thacker and Sarah Pettit.

Jonah Goldberg | February 05, 2003

I recently made the mistake of picking up a book called "Dominion: The Power of Man, the Suffering of Animals and the Call to Mercy."

David Limbaugh | February 05, 2003

Plaintiffs' lawyers tout products liability cases as a remedy that allows injured poor people to take on powerful corporations, but they can't credibly make that claim with respect to certain recent suits against gun manufacturers.

Pat Buchanan | February 05, 2003

Is Kim Jong Il seeking a showdown with the U.S. president who told the world he personally "loathes" the North Korean ruler?

Debra J. Saunders | February 05, 2003

It's more than a little ironic that many of the politicians who push for stringent gun-control laws now want the federal government to sit on its hands while a madman like Saddam Hussein sits on stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons.

Ben Shapiro | February 05, 2003

President George W. Bush stepped to the microphone and comforted the world. "In the skies today, we saw destruction and tragedy," Bush said. "In the words of the prophet Isaiah, 'Lift your eyes and look to the heavens.

Linda Chavez | February 05, 2003

Buried in the president's budget this week was enough money to dramatically transform educational opportunity for children in the nation's capital, one of the worst school systems in the country.

Bill Murchison | February 05, 2003

The Columbia disaster reminds us of many things, starting with the fragility of human enterprises in general. But it prompts us no less urgently to reflection on something that is special about the people called Americans.

John McCaslin | February 05, 2003

It is highly unlikely, given the extremely high altitude and speed of the Space Shuttle Columbia when it broke apart over Texas, that terrorism was involved.

Robert Novak | February 05, 2003

While President Bush's call for a federal ban on human cloning will bring no immediate congressional action, the New Jersey Legislature is moving at breakneck speed toward legalization. What's more, the state's Republican legislators are not impeding this rush toward passage, ignoring admonitions from the White House.

Larry Kudlow | February 05, 2003

Driving cross-country is a lot less dangerous than shuttling in and out of space. But who in their right mind would take a cross-country trip in a car that was over 20 years old?

Kathleen Parker | February 05, 2003

Muslims ever alert to any perceived slight to their culture or religion have taken yet another hostage in what appears to be a concerted assault on freedom of speech.

Joel Mowbray | February 05, 2003

With Secretary of State Colin Powell’s meeting with the members of the United Nations Security this morning, the United States will have fulfilled its obligation to come back to the body before proceeding with action against Iraq, according to a senior administration official.

Armstrong Williams | February 05, 2003

Malvo was a young man when Muhammad entered his life. Muhammad showered him with attention. He shared his war stories. Malvo started calling him "Dad." For the first time in his life, Malvo had the warm certainty of a father figure.

Tue, Feb 04, 2003

Mona Charen | February 04, 2003

Two things were wrong when I switched on the television Saturday morning. The first was that they were discussing the space shuttle. Space shuttle landings usually merit about 3 seconds on television news and are carried live only on the NASA channel.

Cal Thomas | February 04, 2003

Jack Lousma, the commander of the third Columbia shuttle flight in March, 1982, was shoveling snow outside his home in Ann Arbor, Mich., when his son called from Texas to say, "Turn on the TV, something has happened to Columbia."

Dennis Prager | February 04, 2003

After consulting with our loyal allies in Europe, speaking with United Nations officials, reading major American newspapers, listening to National Public Radio, consulting with Hollywood movie stars, and meeting with professors from our universities, I have changed my mind.

Diana West | February 04, 2003

Scotland Yard tells me (no kidding) that the legendary police agency will neither confirm nor deny an Australian newspaper report saying that "chemical warfare protection suits" were discovered during the recent police raid

Phyllis Schlafly | February 04, 2003

Last year's failed attempt to get Congress to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens has morphed into stealth amnesty.

Frank Gaffney | February 04, 2003

On Wednesday, Secretary of State Colin Powell will deliver what may be the most anxiously awaited briefing to the UN Security Council since Ambassador Adlai Stevenson presented the United States' damning case against the USSR during the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

Joel Mowbray | February 04, 2003

After news broke that the State Department was brokering a deal to give up to $345 billion—or more—in Social Security benefits to illegal aliens from Mexico (through what’s known as a “Totalization Agreement”), Consular Affairs (CA) chief Maura Harty was furious.

Bruce Bartlett | February 04, 2003

Every few years, interest in fundamental tax reform rises. The leading proposal has long been a flat rate tax on a consumption base, such as the Hall-Rabunshka plan. However, the interest always fades because the transition from our current system is too difficult, both politically and economically.

Jack Kemp | February 04, 2003

It's regrettable that so soon after the tragic loss of seven heroic lives in the Columbia space shuttle disaster I am preoccupied with the prospect of even greater loss of innocent life in Iraq because the government there doesn't seem to get it.

Marvin Olasky | February 04, 2003

Pundits, emphasizing the Iraq war question, have overlooked a domestic affairs innovation in last week's State of the Union address. The crucial paragraph was this: "Another cause of hopelessness is addiction to drugs. ...

Rich Lowry | February 04, 2003

Where does Al Gore go to get his apology? After ridiculing Gore's enmity toward the internal-combustion engine and his scheme to encourage a replacement for it with a program of tax credits and subsidies, many Republicans are applauding a similar plan from President Bush.

Charles Krauthammer | February 04, 2003

If we're going to risk that first 150 miles of terrible stress on body and machine to get into space, then let's do it to get to the next million miles--to cruise the beauty and vacuum of interplanetary space to new worlds. Back to the moon. Establish a lunar base. And then on to Mars.

William F. Buckley | February 04, 2003

>The Daily Mirror, which is a newspaper in Britain with one of the largest circulations, said today that Nelson Mandela "demolished the stand taken by George W. Bush and Tony Blair, and savaged the warmongering president" in his speech the day before.

Mon, Feb 03, 2003

Suzanne Fields | February 03, 2003

The word "cowboy" is not translatable. It holds its own, no matter the language. It conjures up the American myth greater than life-size on the big screen under a big sky.

Debra J. Saunders | February 03, 2003

If M. Night Shyamalan's crop-circle hit movie had been truly depressing -- say, if it was about women who hate their lives -- it might have won a Golden Globe. "Signs," however, wasn't even nominated in the drama category.

Maggie Gallagher | February 03, 2003

Who can be trusted? The arms verification process, as U.N. chief inspector Hans Blix pointed out in his surprisingly tough report card on Iraq, is "not a game of catch as catch can."

Kathleen Parker | February 03, 2003

Honestly, if I didn't already own an SUV, I'd go out and buy one. While I'm at it, I might grab a Big Mac and fries, shoot a deer and run over a war protester.

Robert Novak | February 03, 2003

Fragile support for President Bush's tax plan was dealt a potentially serious blow last week when it was reported that Alan Greenspan disapproved.

William F. Buckley | February 03, 2003

There was public discussion, a few days before his State of the Union speech, on whether the president should begin with his domestic agenda or move straight to the foreign challenge.

John Leo | February 03, 2003

A Harvard University Press book exploring a fairly narrow question -- why aren't there more black and Hispanic professors? -- is about to take center stage in the affirmative-action debate.

George Will | February 03, 2003

In two eventful weeks, the president's policy of regime change has been advanced, in part inadvertently, by the uncoordinated activities of three unlikely parties -- France, chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix and Secretary of State Colin Powell. The consequence is that many critics of the president's policy have been intellectually disarmed.

Larry Kudlow | February 03, 2003

There's a view circulating that President Bush devoted only one line of his State of the Union speech to the dividend tax cut because he's not serious about pushing it. This is incorrect.