Sat, Jan 18, 2003

Jonah Goldberg | January 18, 2003

In 1995, Fedell Caffey murdered a pregnant Debra Evans and her 10-year-old daughter in their home.

David Limbaugh | January 18, 2003

In their endless quest for a hammer to beat President Bush with, Democrats have finally stumbled onto some issues they think may sell well if they carp often and loudly enough between now and the 2004 presidential election.

Maggie Gallagher | January 18, 2003

Tossing his hat into the presidential race, Sen. Joe Lieberman promised he would not run from using the G-word whenever a natural occasion to mention the deity arose.

Joel Mowbray | January 18, 2003

The Martin Luther King Day holiday weekend is a perfect time to reflect on the cruel reality of persistent racism and what we should—and should not—do to help resolve this profound problem.

William F. Buckley | January 18, 2003

Two years ago, Sen. Joe Lieberman and Vice President Al Gore met at a large hall in Stamford, Conn., to kick off their national campaign against Bush-Cheney.

Robert Novak | January 18, 2003

A prominent conservative operative in Washington, fearing the prospect of Hillary Clinton on the Democratic ticket for vice president next year, is urging Senate Republicans "not to do anything to help her ambitions by building a Senate record."

Fri, Jan 17, 2003

Michelle Malkin | January 17, 2003

President Bush has spoken. Giving 20 bonus points to public college and university applicants just for being black, Hispanic or Native American is "divisive, unfair, and impossible to square with the Constitution."

Brent Bozell | January 17, 2003

A few months ago, the New York shock jocks Opie and Anthony were fired after encouraging listeners to have sex in St. Patrick's Cathedral.

Jonah Goldberg | January 17, 2003

The Supreme Court is poised to decide whether or not the University of Michigan can continue to treat skin color as more important than test scores.

Mona Charen | January 17, 2003

Americans are far more at risk from eating too much than from eating too little. In fact, we face an epidemic of obesity. Yet the federal government each year churns out billions of dollars to feed the poor.

Oliver North | January 17, 2003

Sometimes a little history helps us understand the present. On Jan. 16, 1991, two days after a UN-mandated deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait had expired, the United States and our allies initiated hostilities against Saddam Hussein.

Suzanne Fields | January 17, 2003

Professors of English literature and language have a complaint, as in Chaucer's "Complaint to His Empty Purse." There aren't enough jobs to go around.

Jacob Sullum | January 17, 2003

Arianna Huffington says her anti-SUV commercials have been misunderstood, and I think she's right. To really understand these ads, you have to know something that's not mentioned in the spots themselves: They premiered the same week her new book came out.

John McCaslin | January 17, 2003

Sen. John McCain had no response Tuesday to word of a challenge by Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) for his Senate seat in 2004.

Rich Lowry | January 17, 2003

When a college administrator uses the word "diversity," it is a near certainty that a series of clichés or evasions will soon follow.

Charles Krauthammer | January 17, 2003

It began when the Bush administration responded to North Korea's brazen nuclear breakout by immediately--and explicitly--taking the military option off the table.

Thu, Jan 16, 2003

Ann Coulter | January 16, 2003

Back before the election, Democrats were indignant that President Bush was making them vote on an important issue of national security in an election year. Apparently, they got over their scruples.

Larry Elder | January 16, 2003

America's alleged excessive gun ownership results from an inordinate, unfair and implicitly racist fear of blacks.

Cal Thomas | January 16, 2003

The latest Gallup Poll shows President Bush's approval rating has fallen below 60 percent (to 58 percent) for the first time since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on America. The poll is as unrealistic as the one that showed 90 percent of the public approved of his performance after that fateful day.

Suzanne Fields | January 16, 2003

Sen. Joe Lieberman has thrown his yarmulke in the ring. By seeking the Democratic nomination for president in 2004, he unites the Judeo with the Christian in the best and most ordinary sense.

Linda Chavez | January 16, 2003

By the time you read this, President Bush already will have made one of the most important decisions of his presidency.

Emmett Tyrrell | January 16, 2003

From 1987 to 1996, researchers are telling tell us, the number of children and adolescents taking prescribed psychiatric drugs has more than doubled.

Ross Mackenzie | January 16, 2003

President Bush is giving the weapons inspectors more time in Iraq; meanwhile, the North Koreans are ratcheting up the rhetoric on nukes.

John McCaslin | January 16, 2003

If recently dethroned Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) was forced to step down from his Senate majority leader post, then why is the late Sen. Richard B. Russell's name attached to the Russell Senate Office Building?

Bruce Bartlett | January 16, 2003

As President Bush presses for passage of his tax plan, it is clear that it is politically most vulnerable in terms of its impact on the deficit.

Robert Novak | January 16, 2003

Fidel Castro has hit his target. From the moment President Bush nominated Reich, the Cuban dictator worked to block him.

Armstrong Williams | January 16, 2003

The University of Michigan employs an admissions process that openly and unapologetically benefits minorities.

Larry Kudlow | January 16, 2003

After all the gnashing of teeth, it turns out that consumers turned in a positive performance during the holiday season. Retail sales increased more than 1 percent in December, yielding a near 5 percent pace over the past year.

Wed, Jan 15, 2003

Thomas Sowell | January 15, 2003

When driving down the highway with my car on cruise control and the stereo playing "Stompin' at the Savoy," I am in heaven.

Michelle Malkin | January 15, 2003

Yo, yo, yo. The Los Angeles Times reports this week that teachers across the country are using rap music to "make classical literature relevant."

Walter E. Williams | January 15, 2003

Democrat Mary Landrieu's successful Louisiana senatorial race against Republican challenger Suzanne Haik Terrell highlights some of the less appreciated and uglier aspects of American politics.

Brent Bozell | January 15, 2003

Robert Menendez wants everyone to know he's not a wealthy guy. He has this little studio apartment two blocks from the Capitol. He drove the same blue Buick "clunker" for 10 years. He says, "materialistic things are not important to me."

David Limbaugh | January 15, 2003

In commuting the sentences of all of his state's 167 death-row inmates Saturday, Illinois Governor George Ryan committed an extraordinary and monumental injustice, betraying most of the principles he claimed to be vindicating.

Cal Thomas | January 15, 2003

The commutation of the sentences of more than 160 inmates on Illinois' death row by Republican Gov. George Ryan just two days before he left office is a miscarriage of justice.

Dennis Prager | January 15, 2003

According to leftists and to Arab and Islamic spokesmen, the reasons are: American support for non-democratic regimes in the Arab world -- such as in Egypt and Saudi Arabia -- and because America supports Israel.

Pat Buchanan | January 15, 2003

Declaring the imposition of the death penalty to be "arbitrary, capricious ... and immoral," Illinois' exiting, scandal-plagued Gov. George Ryan commuted the death sentence of every rapist-murderer and child-killer in the state.

Ben Shapiro | January 15, 2003

I remember when Al Gore selected Sen. Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut to be his running mate in 2000. I remember joyfully taping Lieberman's acceptance speech.

Debra J. Saunders | January 15, 2003

Today, San Francisco and Oakland school-board members will make clear whether they believe schools to be havens for learning or tools for leftist propaganda.

Joel Mowbray | January 15, 2003

The number of young children hooked on powerful narcotics has skyrocketed over the past 15 years, but the Drug Enforcement Agency won’t be doing anything about it—because the drugs in question are being peddled by pediatricians.

Kathleen Parker | January 15, 2003

In the current debate about reinstating a military draft, Americans have been misled by myths posing as arguments.

Tue, Jan 14, 2003

Thomas Sowell | January 14, 2003

The familiar chorus of "tax cuts for the rich" has begun to ring out across the political landscape, in the wake of President Bush's proposals to boost the economy. The time is long overdue to expose some of the fallacies folded up inside that phrase.

Mona Charen | January 14, 2003

Discussions of North Korea stress the "weirdness" of the regime, its isolated character and its peculiar obsessions. Questions are raised about the sanity of Kim Jong-Il, and the "cult of personality" is offered as evidence of the strangeness of the North Korean government. But is the regime really so unfamiliar?

Debra J. Saunders | January 14, 2003

We know "no" means "no." Now, according to the state Supreme Court, "I should be going now" means "no," too.

Diana West | January 14, 2003

Even after the U.S. government had become aware of the Nazi extermination infrastructure, administration efforts to inform Americans about German atrocities didn't mention death camps. Roosevelt himself remained silent on the subject.

Phyllis Schlafly | January 14, 2003

Social Security, the so-called "third rail" of American politics, has just become more incendiary. The Bush administration is proposing a change that is even more controversial than offering younger workers the opportunity to invest a small percentage of their Social Security taxes.

Frank Gaffney | January 14, 2003

It’s time to take a deep breath and consider what we have learned so far in this “crisis,” lest the combined effects of such hyperbole lead the Bush Administration to do what it has pretty much refused to do to this point: embrace and prop-up one of the most odious regimes on the planet -- that of Kim Jong-Il in North Korea.

Bill Murchison | January 14, 2003

The charitable thing, naturally, is to assume Illinois Gov. George Ryan's sincerity. If the outgoing governor tells us he will "sleep well tonight," having commuted the sentences of all 167 inmates on death row, who are we, his countrymen, to say he wouldn't? The question, possibly, is why should he have slept well?

Rich Lowry | January 14, 2003

A public-health culture war is raging. As it becomes clear that condoms are not the cure-all to AIDS in Africa, the AIDS establishment is battling to discredit a less condom-dependent approach to preventing the spread of HIV.

Bruce Bartlett | January 14, 2003

Last week, Congress made an extremely important decision by appointing economist Douglas Holtz-Eakin as director of the Congressional Budget Office. He will take over on Feb. 1.

Armstrong Williams | January 14, 2003

In a recent column, I observed that only one of the 535 members of Congress has a child or grandchild in the armed services.

Marvin Olasky | January 14, 2003

With the 30th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision coming up next Wednesday, is it a positive sign that many abortion supporters have learned from the Japanese and no longer pretend?

Mon, Jan 13, 2003

Mona Charen | January 13, 2003

Former speechwriter David Frum has authored the first inside account of the Bush White House. It is characterized by Frum's exceptional intelligence, historical fluency and pungent prose. The press -- particularly the foreign press -- has been eagerly mining it for proof of its own presuppositions.

Oliver North | January 13, 2003

One of the great blessings of my life is to have spent much of it hanging around with heroes.

Pat Buchanan | January 13, 2003

"Mr. Bush the Wedge Driver," railed The Washington Post, as it bemoaned what it calls the president's "first attack in an ill-timed and partisan war."

Suzanne Fields | January 13, 2003

"HBO swears off 'Sex.'" That's a headline (on an Internet news site) to get the customers' attention.

Debra J. Saunders | January 13, 2003

The Democrats are right. There is a class of Americans that doesn't pay its fair share, or anything approaching its fair share, of federal taxes. And now that group is about to get another tax break, thanks to President Bush's proposed stimulus package.

William F. Buckley | January 13, 2003

You have to face it, the North Koreans are a piece of work.

Kathleen Parker | January 13, 2003

I'm going to try to keep this clean, but the recent California Supreme Court ruling that a woman who changes her mind during sexual intercourse qualifies as a rape victim tests one's commitment to decorum.

Larry Kudlow | January 13, 2003

President Bush's plan to abolish the double tax on dividends can rescue the stock market and investor wealth, liberate shareholder rights and democratize corporate governance, spark a new economic cycle of expansion and prosperity, and fund the war on terror.

Rich Lowry | January 13, 2003

If you want to see drugs and violence on television, you don't need to bother tuning in to "NYPD Blue" or loading up a game of "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." You can just watch one of the Office of National Drug Control Policy's latest anti-marijuana ads.

George Will | January 13, 2003

Florida Sen. Bob Graham's probable quest for the Democratic presidential nomination emerges from his emphatic thought that President Bush's conduct of the war on terror is dangerously tentative.

Robert Novak | January 13, 2003

Republican senators gathering last Wednesday for their session-opening "retreat" should have been happy, blessed with a regained majority and a popular president. They were not. Instead, they complained bitterly of arrogance by the Bush administration, especially the Pentagon, in treatment of Congress along the road to war.