Sat, Sep 28, 2002

Diana West | September 28, 2002

This must be what a phony war feels like. Having first ventured out of the bunker united as we clutched our flags, fought fear and braced for battle, we now enjoy the fragile complacence of daily routines that can no longer be taken for granted.

Robert Novak | September 28, 2002

Anti-war Democrats in the House are so angry with Rep. Richard Gephardt's support of an Iraq war resolution that they privately are saying that he should quit now as House Minority Leader and devote himself to his presidential ambitions.

Fri, Sep 27, 2002

Thomas Sowell | September 27, 2002

California's Governor Gray Davis has gotten himself some front-page headlines, not only in California but across the country, by signing into law the first mandated provision for paid leave from work (at half pay) for people who say that they have family problems to deal with.

Michelle Malkin | September 27, 2002

Forty years ago this month, a lone black man named James Meredith faced off against an angry mob of thousands of white segregationists on the campus of the University of Mississippi.

Brent Bozell | September 27, 2002

As another television season begins, it's time for parents to determine which new shows require gunslinger-quick reaches for the remote control.

Jonah Goldberg | September 27, 2002

At the 1984 Republican National Convention held in Dallas, Jeanne Kirkpatrick delivered one of the most devastating speeches in modern American politics.

Mona Charen | September 27, 2002

Doctors in Israeli hospitals had been noticing that when they operated on people wounded in homicide bombing attacks, patients often continued to bleed even after being sutured.

Oliver North | September 27, 2002

Al Gore returned to the political stage last week just as he left it 17 months ago -- as a man who just can't make peace with the concepts of truthfulness and honesty, and has never been able to lasso his wild imagination.

Debra J. Saunders | September 27, 2002

Senate majority Leader Tom Daschle doesn't get it: War is a political issue.

Jacob Sullum | September 27, 2002

For a guy who hates pornography, Phil Burress seems to know an awful lot about it. In a recent story about his campaign to eliminate "adult" movies from hotels across America, USA Today reported:

Charles Krauthammer | September 27, 2002

A pudding with no theme but much poison. Such was the foreign policy speech Al Gore delivered in San Francisco on Monday.

Thu, Sep 26, 2002

Ann Coulter | September 26, 2002

I've been too busy fretting about "why they hate us" to follow the Democrats' latest objections to the war on terrorism.

Thomas Sowell | September 26, 2002

If anyone had any doubts about whether Al Gore was going to try to run for president again in 2004, his speech in San Francisco on September 23rd should have put those doubts to rest.

Larry Elder | September 26, 2002

Is it me, or does "Today Show's" Matt Lauer condescendingly give Republicans/conservatives the old "look-me-in-the-eye" treatment when asking questions?

Jonah Goldberg | September 26, 2002

I keep thinking about "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" -but not in a stalker-in-a-gray-Buick outside Sarah Michelle Gellar's trailer sort of way.

Cal Thomas | September 26, 2002

What do you know about the First Amendment? That it protects freedom of religion and speech? What else?

Suzanne Fields | September 26, 2002

Let's give a round of applause to Larry Summers, president of Harvard, for standing up to the anti-Semites in Harvard Yard.

Linda Chavez | September 26, 2002

Miguel Estrada has been held hostage for more than 500 days, but you've probably never heard his story. Just who is Miguel Estrada, and what nefarious forces have kept him under wraps for more than a year?

Emmett Tyrrell | September 26, 2002

When The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz headlined a column the other day "Tribune's Bob Greene Resigns After Sex Inquiry," you can be sure my attention was fetched.

Robert Novak | September 26, 2002

Sen. Robert Byrd, a master at hectoring executive branch witnesses, asked Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld a provocative question last week:

Larry Kudlow | September 26, 2002

Japan is still sinking -- investors won't even buy their government bonds anymore.

George Will | September 26, 2002

Let us stipulate that the world would be better without cigarettes.

Ross Mackenzie | September 26, 2002

In ratcheting up for the Iraqi takedown, President Bush has focused the mind of just about everyone. The American public supports him 2-1.

Bruce Bartlett | September 26, 2002

One of the most puzzling aspects of the economy today is the apparent impotency of monetary policy.

Wed, Sep 25, 2002

Michelle Malkin | September 25, 2002

Sixty years ago this week, U.S. Coast Guard Signalman Douglas A. Munro found himself on a boat near the edge of Guadalcanal. The Japanese were building an airfield on the obscure island in the South Pacific.

Walter E. Williams | September 25, 2002

We hear so much about "rights" -- a right to this and a right to that. People say they have a right to decent housing, a right to adequate health care, food and a decent job, and more recently, senior citizens have a right to prescription drugs.

David Limbaugh | September 25, 2002

As we prepare for a preemptive strike against Iraq it is important that we don't allow certain opponents of an invasion to confuse the national dialogue.

Dennis Prager | September 25, 2002

I took the news of the forced resignation of Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene -- for having had sexual contact with an 18- or 19-year-old woman 11 years earlier -- very hard.

Pat Buchanan | September 25, 2002

Inherent in the Natural Law right of self-defense is the right to strike first if one's life is in peril.

Debra J. Saunders | September 25, 2002

You know that old saw about how people often criticize others for the very traits they themselves hold? It works for Herta Daeubler-Gmelin, Germany's justice minister.

Ben Shapiro | September 25, 2002

It's back to the galleys for me -- the University of California at Los Angeles starts fall-quarter classes this week. I'm expecting to see one big change when I go to classes this Friday:

Phyllis Schlafly | September 25, 2002

Florida suffered from a lot of bad publicity about the 2000 election, with weeks of national television coverage of hanging chads, undervotes and overvotes.

John McCaslin | September 25, 2002

There is life after Washington for Donna E. Shalala, and it doesn't involve politics.

Kathleen Parker | September 25, 2002

There's that word again: Choice. She made a bad choice. Who's that? Susie for picking vanilla when she really wanted chocolate? Jeffery for picking the cat's eye when he really wanted the steel marble?

Tue, Sep 24, 2002

Brent Bozell | September 24, 2002

The prospects of war dominate the current focus of political news, and Democrats are looking for a way out.

Jonah Goldberg | September 24, 2002

As the fall television season arrives, laden with cutesy-wutesy family sitcoms and another round of ER rip-offs, I'd like to take a moment to celebrate another year of successful censorship.

Mona Charen | September 24, 2002

In the aftermath of Sept. 11, the Bush administration faced many choices. Among the most fundamental was whether to treat terror as a criminal or a foreign policy problem.

Cal Thomas | September 24, 2002

The Bush administration has announced a revolutionary change in U.S. military strategy: from America's decades-old deterrence policy to a preemptive-strike scenario designed to neutralize hostile states and terrorist groups.

Bill Murchison | September 24, 2002

When George Bush's tax cuts of last year expire in 2010 -- those cuts that top Democrats insist should die rather than live past the cutoff date -- 36 million taxpayers will be paying the "alternative minimum tax," a levy contrived in 1986 to make sure everybody pays something.

Bruce Bartlett | September 24, 2002

In recent weeks, the press has made much of the bloated compensation paid to corporate executives such as Dennis Kozlowski of Tyco and Jack Welch of GE.

Jack Kemp | September 24, 2002

About war, Winston Churchill said, "Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter.

Marvin Olasky | September 24, 2002

Few apparitions are uglier and less useful than a red-faced, veins-popping, seemingly unbalanced defender of conservative principles of self-restraint. Yet such individuals abound in our ranks.

Armstrong Williams | September 24, 2002

The Democratic Party is broken, its national leadership frayed, and its position on key policies confused. So says lifelong Democrat and prominent civil rights activist, Rev. Al Sharpton

Mon, Sep 23, 2002

Pat Buchanan | September 23, 2002

With Russia, China, France and Saudi Arabia shifting to back a U.S. invasion, Saddam played his ace of trumps. U.N. inspectors, he told Kofi Annan, can come back in and inspect whatever they wish.

Suzanne Fields | September 23, 2002

Let's hear it for the blokes. London's chattering class, from whence come the columns and commentary fueling the oh-so-witty dinner-table conversations rife with anti-Americanisms, anti-Bushisms and anti-Semitisms, imagines it speaks for everyone in Old Blighty.

Kathleen Parker | September 23, 2002

This is a plea to a stranger: If you know what happened to Dail Dinwiddie, please find a computer and send me an anonymous e-mail. It's been 10 years. Enough.

Joel Mowbray | September 23, 2002

Apparently forgetting the bruising electoral battles ahead in the struggle for control of Congress, Office of Management and Budget Director Mitch Daniels Wednesday dashed hopes for more tax cuts before politicians skip town in less than a month.