Sat, Aug 24, 2002

David Limbaugh | August 24, 2002

I've long believed that America learned the wrong lessons from its Vietnam experience, which is why I was gratified to hear about a new award-winning documentary that might help set the record straight. Sadly, it appears, the History Channel doesn't share my view.

Robert Novak | August 24, 2002

James Comey, the new U.S. attorney in New York City named by President Bush, is viewed in the capital's GOP circles as an ambitious politician trying to parlay the prosecutor's office into elective office, in much the way that Rudolph Giuliani did.

Fri, Aug 23, 2002

Michelle Malkin | August 23, 2002

The public education monopoly can't stand the thought of "unqualified" parents teaching their own children.

Brent Bozell | August 23, 2002

So the commissars of teen culture have thrown one last TV party -- the "Teen Choice Awards," voted on by the readers of Seventeen magazine and broadcast on that antonym of wholesomeness, Fox.

Jonah Goldberg | August 23, 2002

Every time I've written about Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the venomous left-wing Georgia congresswoman, her defenders have screamed at me saying that criticizing her for criticizing America was "McCarthyistic."

Mona Charen | August 23, 2002

"Audit Finds Lapses in Maryland Child Care." So announced the Washington Post front page on Aug. 22. The headline scarcely captures the scandalous content of the story.

Oliver North | August 23, 2002

Maybe I'm taking it too personally. Earlier this week, I was informed that a terrorist kingpin who had targeted my family and me for assassination was killed in Baghdad.

Ben Shapiro | August 23, 2002

Amid all the hubbub about corporate corruption, Martha Stewart and an impending attack on Iraq, the biggest development of the last decade is being overlooked: Russia is renewing her relations with America's enemies.

Debra J. Saunders | August 23, 2002

If the Department of Education's list of America's best school drug-prevention programs were a game, it would be called:

Jacob Sullum | August 23, 2002

The Libertarian Party is celebrating the defeat of U.S. Rep. Bob Barr, whom it calls the "worst Drug Warrior in Congress." Although I spend much of my time criticizing the war on drugs, I do not share the L.P.'s enthusiasm.

Ross Mackenzie | August 23, 2002

At Harvard, according to one news account, "one of every two grades awarded in recent years has been an A or A-."

John McCaslin | August 23, 2002

Former Canadian Ambassador James Bissett says Canada's asylum laws would not typically be of concern to the United States, but adds that after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, things have changed.

Bruce Bartlett | August 23, 2002

On Aug. 27, the Congressional Budget Office will release its mid-session budget review. Undoubtedly, it will show severe deterioration in the deficit since its January report. This will certainly lead to further calls by Democrats to rescind last year's tax cut.

Thu, Aug 22, 2002

Ann Coulter | August 22, 2002

On a break from lachrymose accounts of Palestinian women weeping for their children, the New York Times has been trying to induce hysteria over the shocking Bush policy of deploying American troops in order to protect American interests.

Thomas Sowell | August 22, 2002

While we ought to learn from our own experiences, it is even better to learn from other people's experiences, saving ourselves the painful costs of the lessons.

Michelle Malkin | August 22, 2002

Good riddance to James Ziglar, the hopeless head of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) who announced his resignation last week.

Larry Elder | August 22, 2002

"I just might walk up to the nearest white man and say, 'You don't understand this, this is a black thing,' and slap 'em, just for my mental health. . . .

Cal Thomas | August 22, 2002

The billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard advertises the August 27 release on DVD of the baseball movie "The Rookie," three days before the scheduled strike by Major League Baseball players.

Debra J. Saunders | August 22, 2002

Under the category of "No Big Surprise," a study found that about half of young Wisconsin girls who filled out questionnaires at Planned Parenthood said they'd stop going to Planned Parenthood if there were a law requiring their parents to be notified.

Linda Chavez | August 22, 2002

Should American school-children be taught to reserve judgment about who was to blame in the Sept. 11 attack on the United States?

Emmett Tyrrell | August 22, 2002

To those of us with a memory for American military action in the world, the sudden and seemingly increate controversy over whether to rid Iraq of Saddam Hussein is another example of public persons frivoling with serious matters.

Ross Mackenzie | August 22, 2002

The headline arrested the eye: "Is a Chimp a 'Person' With a Legal Right to a Lawyer in Court?" And the mind went immediately to Robert Heinlein's 1947 short story, "Jerry Was a Man."

Larry Kudlow | August 22, 2002

A new economic-stimulus plan now under consideration by President Bush can't come soon enough -- for the sake of both the economy and congressional Republicans.

Robert Novak | August 22, 2002

Two weeks after the revelation of the extraordinary briefing on Saudi Arabia to the Pentagon's Defense Policy Board, the Saudi government is still upset.

George Will | August 22, 2002

The country was already feeling knocked sideways. Then came this summer of discontent.

Wed, Aug 21, 2002

Thomas Sowell | August 21, 2002

One of the objections by the educational establishment to state-mandated tests for students is that this forces the teachers to teach directly the material that is going to be tested

Walter E. Williams | August 21, 2002

My health and other aspects of my well-being are the business of whom?

Jonah Goldberg | August 21, 2002

"There are some who say that we have to maintain some respect for the dead by not asking these questions," Kelly Keogh, who teaches international relations at a high school in Normal, Ill., told The New York Times.

David Limbaugh | August 21, 2002

The National Education Association is trying to use its influence to help "educate" public school children about the events of Sept. 11, 2001. If you think this is a noble endeavor, perhaps you should continue reading.

Dennis Prager | August 21, 2002

The principal of the Nickajack Elementary School outside Atlanta recently decreed that no student would be permitted to bring peanuts or peanut butter to school. She is not alone.

Pat Buchanan | August 21, 2002

With the Democratic Party still hiding in the tall grass, the GOP establishment is beginning to split over the issue of war on Iraq.

Ross Mackenzie | August 21, 2002

The headline arrested the eye: "Is a Chimp a 'Person' With a Legal Right to a Lawyer in Court?" And the mind went immediately to Robert Heinlein's 1947 short story, "Jerry Was a Man."

John McCaslin | August 21, 2002

Before leaving on their summer vacation, Congress agreed that it would be appropriate that the Pennsylvania crash site of Flight 93 be designated a unit of the National Park System.

Armstrong Williams | August 21, 2002

A Washington newspaper recently reported that a wild pack of black journalists heckled black conservative activist Jesse Lee Peterson at a forum on reparations.

Tue, Aug 20, 2002

Thomas Sowell | August 20, 2002

Florida's school year has already started early, so that its students will have more preparation before the state-mandated tests that will be administered to them later in the school year.

Brent Bozell | August 20, 2002

Reporters can be as two-faced as politicians. On Monday, they say one thing.

Cal Thomas | August 20, 2002

One of the criticisms about the September 11 terrorist attack on America was that we should have seen it coming.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 20, 2002

The Republican National Committee's mail-order fund-raisers often contain a comprehensive multiple-choice survey so that prospective donors can give their opinions on topics of national importance.

Bill Murchison | August 20, 2002

While the U.S. airline industry wallows in gloom, some observations about the free marketplace spring to mind.

Bruce Bartlett | August 20, 2002

Last week, I was somewhat critical of President Bush's economic conference in Waco, Texas.

Kathleen Parker | August 20, 2002

"You know, some days I get so frustrated I just want to go up to the closest black person and say, `You can't understand this, it's a white thing,' and then slap him, just for my mental health."

Jack Kemp | August 20, 2002

The White House put on a much ballyhooed Economic Forum in Waco, Texas, last week, involving 250 hand-picked "experts" and "average Americans"

Marvin Olasky | August 20, 2002

Barring a minor miracle, American Major League Baseball players and owners are hurtling toward an Aug. 30 strike date. But here at Koshien Stadium, baseball life goes on for the fervent fans of the Hanshin Tigers.

Mon, Aug 19, 2002

Pat Buchanan | August 19, 2002

"You have no right to impose your moral values on me!"

Suzanne Fields | August 19, 2002

They're paying celebrities to hype brand-name medications by including their brand names as part of the intimate details in personal interviews

Debra J. Saunders | August 19, 2002

At first blush, the San Francisco Superior Court judges' unanimous vote last month to require judges to swear not to associate with the Boy Scouts seems absurdly heavy-handed.

George Will | August 19, 2002

In 1959 the Dow reached 679, Fidel Castro captured Havana, Marshall Matt Dillon was in Dodge City, on television's ``Gunsmoke,'' and Hawaii, then in just its first year of statehood, did something it has not done since: it elected a Republican governor.

Robert Novak | August 19, 2002

The Fed laid an egg yesterday," a corporate economist commented last Wednesday after the Federal Reserve's decision to leave interest rates unchanged.

Charles Krauthammer | August 19, 2002

Not since William Randolph Hearst famously cabled his correspondent in Cuba, ``You furnish the pictures and I'll furnish the war,'' has a newspaper so blatantly devoted its front pages to editorializing about a coming American war as has Howell Raines' New York Times.

William F. Buckley | August 19, 2002

The charges by the Rev. Franklin Graham are not only justified, they are unanswerable.

Kathleen Parker | August 19, 2002

Some people mix their metaphors. Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney confuses her clichés.