Sat, Jul 27, 2002

David Limbaugh | July 27, 2002

Speaking at the PUSH-Rainbow convention in Chicago Tuesday, America's first black president, Bill Clinton, called on the United States to increase its funding of AIDS from $1 billion to $2.5 billion. Is there no limit to his approval-starved pandering?

Kathleen Parker | July 27, 2002

Some days I know just what Martha Stewart meant when she said, "I just want to focus on my salad."

Robert Novak | July 27, 2002

One influential Democratic contributor, whose support for Gore dates back to 1988, was solicited for the former vice president's political action committee. The donor replied that would require a personal call from Gore himself. Gore did get on the phone, but the contributor responded that he was not ready to make a commitment for '04.

Fri, Jul 26, 2002

Ann Coulter | July 26, 2002

Liberals' comprehension of corporate scandals is like the Woody Allen joke about what he knew about "War and Peace" after taking a speed-reading course and reading it in 20 minutes: "It involves Russia."

Michelle Malkin | July 26, 2002

Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle has seen the light. People -- specifically, people who live and vote in his home state of South Dakota -- must come before plant life.

Jonah Goldberg | July 26, 2002

As the so-called Sarbanes bill -loudly touted as the most sweeping financial reform legislation in 60 years, and quietly derided as a disaster waiting to happen -wends its way to President Bush's desk it might be worth asking what, exactly, the bill will do.

Mona Charen | July 26, 2002

If we lived in a world where universal sympathy were directed toward Israel for the horrors it suffers daily, the criticism aimed at Israel after last week's attack on Salah Shehada would be less disgusting.

Oliver North | July 26, 2002

It's been a lousy summer for President George W. Bush. Republican leaders are grousing that he isn't doing enough to keep GOP control of the House.

Debra J. Saunders | July 26, 2002

So here I am in Seattle, America's coffee capital, and the flacks at Starbucks won't even talk to me about the measure on Berkeley's November ballot that would require coffeehouses to sell only Fair Trade, organic or shade-grown coffee.

Jacob Sullum | July 26, 2002

The renowned economist Milton Friedman, who turns 90 on July 31, once gave a talk at a Washington, D.C., conference sponsored by the Drug Policy Foundation. His title: "The Drug War as a Socialist Enterprise."

Charles Krauthammer | July 26, 2002

To understand the workings of American politics, you have to understand this fundamental law: Conservatives think liberals are stupid. Liberals think conservatives are evil.

John McCaslin | July 26, 2002

Among the congressmen voting to reject their annual congressional cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is Rep. Robin Hayes (R-N.C.), who says he doesn't deserve a pay increase at a time when so many American workers are struggling in their local economies.

William F. Buckley | July 26, 2002

Richard Gephardt, minority leader of the House of Representatives, has a solution for the problem of illegal immigration. Guess what?

Thu, Jul 25, 2002

Thomas Sowell | July 25, 2002

Milton Friedman's 90th birthday on July 31st provides an occasion to think back on his role as the pre-eminent economist of the 20th century. To those of us who were privileged to be his students, he also stands out as a great teacher.

Brent Bozell | July 25, 2002

Just how bizarre has the state of the youth culture become? Try this: When basketball star Allen Iverson was indicted for busting down doors and threatening people with guns, one ESPN radio show spent time debating the prospect that all the negative headlines might be a boost to his image with the kiddies.

Larry Elder | July 25, 2002

The Nation of Islam's Tony Mohamed issued that threat to the city of Inglewood. "There is 100 percent dissent among the people," said Mohamed, "and this city of Inglewood is on the brink of insurrection."

Cal Thomas | July 25, 2002

It is now possible in America to win a discrimination lawsuit against a private business without ever having applied for a job.

Suzanne Fields | July 25, 2002

The world was shocked when "Dolly" the cloned sheep first appeared in our brave new world.

Ben Shapiro | July 25, 2002

I am getting really sick of people who whine about "civilian casualties."

Emmett Tyrrell | July 25, 2002

Some money sages, witnessing the stock market's decline, are heartened that Congress is promising to apply therapy. They hear that Sen. Tom Daschle and Rep. Richard Gephardt are beating their hairy chests over accounting derelictions and corporate chicanery, and they let out a shout of gratitude.

Ross Mackenzie | July 25, 2002

OK, might as well go ahead and employ crisis that over-employed word. We have a full-blown financial crisis. Let's think about it.

Armstrong Williams | July 25, 2002

President Bush has nearly 100 federal judgeships to fill. If elected, these judges could make important decisions on tort law, abortion rights and environmental policies.

Larry Kudlow | July 25, 2002

It is often said that the stock market is driven by fear and greed. If greed was the dominant psychology of the market's rise in 1999 and 2000, certainly fear is the watchword for the Panic of '02.

Bruce Bartlett | July 25, 2002

The sharp fall in the stock market is wreaking havoc with economic forecasts these days. Economists cannot decide whether it means something or nothing. And if it means something, they are not sure if it is a cause or an effect.

Wed, Jul 24, 2002

Thomas Sowell | July 24, 2002

What can be even worse than a stock market crash -- including the great crash of 1929 -- are politicians rushing in to fix things.

Michelle Malkin | July 24, 2002

As America's military struggles to prepare its forces for the War on Terror, radical environmentalists are using marine life -- whales, dolphins, and even squid -- to try to block sea-based training exercises and technological innovations needed to ensure combat readiness.

Walter E. Williams | July 24, 2002

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the Cleveland school voucher case, Zelman vs. Simmons-Harris, that taxpayer funds that go to parents who might use the money to enroll their children in religious schools was constitutional.

Brent Bozell | July 24, 2002

Life if full of surprises. Here's one: Who ever imagined that Larry Klayman would be the darling of National Public Radio?

Jonah Goldberg | July 24, 2002

According to the United States government, Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Bruce Willis are very fat, but not quite obese.

David Limbaugh | July 24, 2002

The Judeo-Christian tradition underlying Western and American civilization distinguishes itself by the incalculable value it places on human life. That is why President Bush is wise in drawing a line in the sand over the life issue.

Dennis Prager | July 24, 2002

As a parent of three children, one of whom is 9 years old, I surely understand this fear. But we harm our children and our society when we instill a fear of strangers in them.

Pat Buchanan | July 24, 2002

Since President Bush took the oath, the Dow Jones has fallen over 30 percent, the Nasdaq 75 percent. In Sunday's New York Times, Seth Feaster, using a much broader index, has even more jolting news.

Debra J. Saunders | July 24, 2002

California Assemblywoman Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills, says that her bill to reduce greenhouse gas emissions for cars sold here will have California leading the world in the fight against global warming.

Linda Chavez | July 24, 2002

Have we become so cynical that we now suspect the worst of anyone who occupies the Oval Office, but are willing to give them a pass so long as we think they're doing their job well?

Bill Murchison | July 24, 2002

Ever since President Bush nominated Charles Manson, Linda Tripp and Jerry Falwell to federal appellate court seats ... well, let's try again.

John McCaslin | July 24, 2002

We've written plenty about Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch's musical talents. Now we see that the Republican senator and ranking member of the Select Intelligence Committee has gone Hollywood.

Armstrong Williams | July 24, 2002

The Republican Party's relationship with black voters has been tenuous at best over the last 40 years.

Kathleen Parker | July 24, 2002

On the very day that I wrote a column condemning the federal government's chilling proposal for a citizen-spy program - Operation TIPS for Terrorism Information and Prevention System - House Majority Leader Richard Armey was marking up legislation to kill the program.

Tue, Jul 23, 2002

Thomas Sowell | July 23, 2002

While much attention has been focussed on the trial of American Taliban John Walker Lindh, another trial halfway around the world may be more relevant to our own future.

Cal Thomas | July 23, 2002

Opinion polls show President Bush's favorable rating remains high, about 72 percent. But the same polls indicate the public is growing uneasy about his handling of the economy.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 23, 2002

The National Education Association adopted several new goals at its annual convention held in Dallas over the long Fourth of July weekend.

Maggie Gallagher | July 23, 2002

In 1990, 54 percent of American high schoolers had had sex. Ten years later, according to the latest findings of the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 54 percent of high school students are virgins.

Frank Gaffney | July 23, 2002

In recent weeks, government officials, business leaders and market analysts have assured shell-shocked American investors that plummeting indexes are the fault of just a few corporate "bad apples."

Joel Mowbray | July 23, 2002

The State Department is fighting a terrorism task force's recommendation that suspected terrorists be denied visas--and this is the same department that wants to hold onto the visa power in a time of war when our enemies want nothing more than entry into the United States.

Marvin Olasky | July 23, 2002

Late last month, as we came in for a gravel runway landing at this barren spot north of the Arctic circle, I thought of an e-mail I had recently received from a liberal friend.

Bruce Bartlett | July 23, 2002

Should Daniels leave and O'Neill be nudged out, Bush would have a tremendous opportunity to reorganize his economic operation in ways that would greatly improve it.

William F. Buckley | July 23, 2002

Democratic senators on the investigating committee looking into Enron had a happy time at the expense of a former Enron executive, Secretary of the Army Thomas White, who had a solid refresher course on combat duty.

Jack Kemp | July 23, 2002

American equity markets have lost $7 trillion in value, approximately 40 percent, since they peaked in late March 2000.

Mon, Jul 22, 2002

Jonah Goldberg | July 22, 2002

Critics say that the recent alleged police brutality in Inglewood, Calif., is just like the Rodney King case. They're right, but for the wrong reasons.

Cal Thomas | July 22, 2002

Questions are being raised by Democrats and the big media (but I repeat myself) about Dick Cheney's large profit from the sale of Halliburton stock options in August, 2000.

Pat Buchanan | July 22, 2002

According to The New York Times, before summer ends, the Senate and House will call up secretaries Powell and Rumsfeld to lay out the war aims and war plans of President Bush.

Suzanne Fields | July 22, 2002

This just in from the PBS Newsroom: The new HIV-positive Muppet on "Sesame Street" will not be introduced on the U.S. version of the program, and will remain in South Africa.

Debra J. Saunders | July 22, 2002

Perhaps the greatest mystery in politics is this: How do voters keep Congress from overspending?

William F. Buckley | July 22, 2002

The church/state correspondences were never more graphically demonstrated than in recent months.

John McCaslin | July 22, 2002

Because of Sen. James Jeffords of Vermont, who last year abandoned the GOP to become an independent, a new political term has surfaced in the halls of the Senate: "tripartisanship."

John Leo | July 22, 2002

One of my favorite headlines made the newspapers yet again the other day: "Mankind Older Than Previously Believed." This is a revered headline, often wheeled out in summer, when things are slow.

Robert Novak | July 22, 2002

Is the Bush administration going to "unsign" the Kyoto global warming treaty just as it unsigned the International Criminal Court (ICC) treaty?