Sat, May 25, 2002

David Limbaugh | May 25, 2002

If the Left hadn't exclusively reserved the term "extremist" for pro-life Christian conservatives, they'd understand that it more accurately describes any number of fringe groups they identify with, such as animal rights activists.

Robert Novak | May 25, 2002

Sen. Robert Byrd, insistent that Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge testify to Congress, has inserted in the emergency supplemental appropriations bill a provision promoting Ridge to Cabinet status against President Bush's wishes.

Fri, May 24, 2002

Thomas Sowell | May 24, 2002

Considering how closely divided both Houses of Congress are, and the fact that this is an election year, Democrats and Republicans alike are ready to give away vast amounts of the taxpayers' money

Michelle Malkin | May 24, 2002

The battle was Operation Anaconda in eastern Afghanistan. The enemy targets: al Qaeda troops and Taliban. In the early hours of March 4, 2002, the bloodiest date so far in the War on Terror abroad

Brent Bozell | May 24, 2002

When Bill Clinton announced he was taking a swing at Osama bin Laden with cruise-missile attacks on targets in Sudan and Afghanistan just three days after admitting an affair with Monica Lewinsky, some within the Republican camp questioned the timing.

Mona Charen | May 24, 2002

Everything is crystal clear through what physicians call the "retrospectascope." Using this instrument, critics have been quick to seize upon the "Phoenix memo" as evidence that the Bush administration may have had foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks.

Oliver North | May 24, 2002

It was a smear of the worst kind: President Bush could have and should have done more to alert the nation to the al Qaeda terror attack on Sept. 11, 2001.

Debra J. Saunders | May 24, 2002

The worst part about the story of the Sacramento, Calif., stripper mom whose daughter was expelled from a Christian school is the utter predictability of the media treatment and public reaction.

Jacob Sullum | May 24, 2002

Want to play that new CD on your computer? You may need a black felt-tip pen.

John McCaslin | May 24, 2002

Provided we all survive the "inevitable," indefensible terrorist attacks and suicide bombings predicted by Vice President Dick Cheney and FBI Director Robert Mueller, what will the American landscape look like?

Armstrong Williams | May 24, 2002

The thing to remember about war is that there are very few moments of individual gallantry. The individual combatant rarely dwarfs his surroundings.

Charles Krauthammer | May 24, 2002

NATO died in Afghanistan--the very same place where that other top-heavy and obsolete multinational construction, the Soviet Union, expired. (History is not just cruel. It is witty.)

Thu, May 23, 2002

Ann Coulter | May 23, 2002

Republicans were so dumbstruck by the mendacity of Democrats claiming President Bush had advance knowledge of the Sept. 11 attack that they have overlooked the most stunning legerdemain of this accusation.

Thomas Sowell | May 23, 2002

Some thought that racial preferences and quotas -- "affirmative action" -- in university admissions decisions were on their way out after they were banned by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals

Brent Bozell | May 23, 2002

In Hollywood, the best defense is a good offense. Rather than take responsibility for their product that poisons the minds of impressionable youngsters, La-La Land's greatest offenders quickly point their fingers at parents for being irresponsible in not protecting their children from the slime.

David Limbaugh | May 23, 2002

Don't let them fool you. Despite their hasty retreat since, many leading Democrats last week impliedly accused President Bush of having foreknowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks and doing nothing to prevent them.

Cal Thomas | May 23, 2002

Vice President Dick Cheney believes another terror attack on the United States is "inevitable."

Emmett Tyrrell | May 23, 2002

Yet even in grim times, a civilized people can find something to laugh about.

Ross Mackenzie | May 23, 2002

As a people and a nation, where and what would we be without those Americans - as Pericles said in 431 BC of Athenians like them - who died handing "the country down free to the present time by their valor"?

Robert Novak | May 23, 2002

Jimmy Carter in Cuba tenaciously pressed George W. Bush to end the U.S. embargo while more gently urging democratization on Fidel Castro.

Bruce Bartlett | May 23, 2002

In the 1980s, the issue of "comparable worth" was the subject of widespread commentary.

Wed, May 22, 2002

Michelle Malkin | May 22, 2002

Remember the big announcement from Attorney General John Ashcroft and Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner James Ziglar less than two weeks ago?

Walter E. Williams | May 22, 2002

What's so good about democracy -- generally understood as having trust in the general will of a democratic people, as expressed by a vote of the majority, to make all important decisions?

Jonah Goldberg | May 22, 2002

Next week, Dreamworks will release the animated movie, "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron." From the reviews, it promises to be a lovable "mustang-meets-mare" love story

Pat Buchanan | May 22, 2002

The alacrity and glee with which Democrats and their Big Media allies piled on President Bush -- over the leak that he had been alerted to an Al Qaeda sky-jacking plot in August -- suggests something else is afoot here, other than righteous indignation.

Debra J. Saunders | May 22, 2002

A school of thought in law enforcement holds that when a police officer is killed in the line of duty, the officer did something wrong. The intent is not to blame the victim, but to figure out what the next cop might do differently to avoid being killed.

Phyllis Schlafly | May 22, 2002

Rumblings are leaking out of Washington that Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden, D-Del., and the Clinton holdovers in the State Department are conspiring to resuscitate the long-moribund United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

Maggie Gallagher | May 22, 2002

Amazing what counts as news these days: Sylvia Ann Hewlett, an economist, social democrat and pro-family feminist, made screaming headlines with her new book, "Creating a Life,"

Kathleen Parker | May 22, 2002

Congressional leaders are scrambling to begin impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush

Armstrong Williams | May 22, 2002

A 70-year-old woman's face was seared when a pipe bomb placed in the mailbox on her farm detonated.

John McCaslin | May 22, 2002

"Our challenge is much more pervasive than it would be if we were just facing one enemy in one place..."

George Will | May 22, 2002

The co-chairmen of the commission should be former Secretary of State George Shultz and former Sen. Sam Nunn, the Georgia Democrat.

Jack Kemp | May 22, 2002

I am writing this while traveling in Europe, and I am particularly disturbed by visible vestiges of anti-Semitism from the past and also by clear evidence of its ugly re-emergence.

William F. Buckley | May 22, 2002

Two comments were made on the mad concern to blame Sept. 11 on the Bush administration that are deft and pointed.

Tue, May 21, 2002

Cal Thomas | May 21, 2002

It is appropriate for the proper intelligence oversight committees in Congress to investigate the Sept. 11 terrorist attack, as the objective is to discover if there were intelligence breakdowns and repair any flaws to better protect us in the future.

Linda Chavez | May 21, 2002

Would Americans have been better off last summer if we'd been warned that a major terrorist attack on U.S. soil was imminent? A lot of Monday morning quarterbacks in the nation's capital seem to think so.

Bill Murchison | May 21, 2002

That the West soon will rethink its immigration policies -- or non-policies, as the case may be -- is the clearest political and social datum on display right now.

Marvin Olasky | May 21, 2002

We're at the peak of the college graduation season now, with commencement speakers orating like crazy.

Bruce Bartlett | May 21, 2002

Passage of the farm bill elicited little public attention in the United States. Not so in Australia

Mon, May 20, 2002

Pat Buchanan | May 20, 2002

As Congress mounts yet another attempt to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens -- as Mexican President Fox demands and President Bush insists -- the new face of America is taking shape.

Suzanne Fields | May 20, 2002

Our children don't know much of anything about American history.

Debra J. Saunders | May 20, 2002

With insincere apologies to Jonathan Swift. It is a melancholy Object to those who walk through the halls and watering holes of the Capital

John Leo | May 20, 2002

What's new in ethnic finagling on our campuses? Well, we just learned that Jews are being favored at Vanderbilt University

John McCaslin | May 20, 2002

Democrats are champions of wind power as a clean and efficient energy source - except when it's blowing in their own back yard.

Larry Kudlow | May 20, 2002

In the 1970s, we had 535 secretaries of state, as Congress insisted on usurping presidential power in foreign affairs. It didn't work.

Kathleen Parker | May 20, 2002

Conspiracy theorists are elated that finally the truth is out Bush knew! And Rep. Cynthia McKinney was right! Wrong and wrong again.

Robert Novak | May 20, 2002

Revelations that shook the nation's capital last week provided dispirited Democratic partisans with ammunition for bashing George W. Bush.

Armstrong Williams | May 20, 2002

Sadly, the tragic events of Sept. 11 have come to this - a swell of populist leaders who are touting hate, pride and cheap catharsis in the form of 9/11 conspiracy theories.

William F. Buckley | May 20, 2002

The Conservative Party of the state of New York put on a 40th birthday celebration on Thursday that was a happy affair, complete with a freshly published history of the party by George Marlin