Sun, Mar 31, 2002

Pat Buchanan | March 31, 2002

On the eve of this Holy Thursday, as Jews sat down to a seder at a resort hotel in the seaside town of Netanya, the Angel of Death did not pass over.

Debra J. Saunders | March 31, 2002

Is victimhood in America so endless that it survives beyond death, passing from one generation to the next? The answer will be yes, if a lawsuit filed in a New York federal court succeeds.

George Will | March 31, 2002

Bush said reform should protect ``the rights of citizen groups to engage in issue advocacy.'' But reformers trumpet their desire to impede such advocacy.

John Leo | March 31, 2002

The sad truth is that MIT, one of the world's great centers of scientific education, has now produced and accepted two astonishingly unscientific studies of its own administrative behavior.

Sat, Mar 30, 2002

William F. Buckley | March 30, 2002

Time magazine's cover line is, "Can the Catholic Church Save Itself"? In the spread, author Frank McCourt is quoted: "The church is going to lose children and families, and it's doing this to itself. If this all continues, the church will disappear."

Robert Novak | March 30, 2002

Bill Clinton not only received a $750,000 speaking fee for going to Saudi Arabia in January but came back with a hefty pledge for his presidential library in Little Rock.

Larry Kudlow | March 30, 2002

It remains unlikely that Alan Greenspan will serve out his full term as Fed chairman through 2004. To promote non-inflationary growth and monetary reform, why not Bob McTeer?

Kathleen Parker | March 30, 2002

Jesse is back center stage, offering to settle this Israeli-Palestinian mess once and for all. I'm trying unsuccessfully not to picture a large brown mouse, arms outstretched, red cape whipping parallel to his elongated, airborne body, singing operatically: "Here I come to save the daaaaay!"

Fri, Mar 29, 2002

Ann Coulter | March 29, 2002

I tuned in late and consequently can speak only to the last three hours of Halle Berry's acceptance speech at the Academy Awards last Sunday.

Thomas Sowell | March 29, 2002

In addition to calls for more outright donations of money, there have also been cries for the "forgiveness" of Third World debts. This would add financial irresponsibility to dependency as the keys to progress.

Michelle Malkin | March 29, 2002

Forgive me. Oral sex, pornography, child molestation and murder are the last things you want to read about during Easter and Passover.

Brent Bozell | March 29, 2002

Journalists still believe that when the Republicans decide to do something conservative, it must be an evil, mustache-twirling corporate plot.

Jonah Goldberg | March 29, 2002

Perhaps it's an admirable inclination to want to depict something like Wednesday's "Passover Massacre" as an aberration. But the fact is, suicide bombings and other violent acts are part of everyday life for Israelis and Palestinians. The aberrations are cease-fires and truces.

David Limbaugh | March 29, 2002

In response to a recent column about campaign finance reform, certain e-mail hecklers charged that I was ducking the constitutional issues. With this effort, let me try to put that misperception to bed.

Mona Charen | March 29, 2002

In a surprise move, the Arab League voted yesterday to condemn the brutal suicide attack on Israeli men, women and children just sitting down to their Passover meal in a Netanya hotel ballroom.

Oliver North | March 29, 2002

If European leaders want the United States to respect their complaints, they need to take terrorism seriously.

Debra J. Saunders | March 29, 2002

It's ironic. After all those years of teachers complaining that low test scores can wound a child's self-esteem, school districts are sending out letters commenting on something as sensitive (and transient) as students' weight.

Jacob Sullum | March 29, 2002

John McCain is an enemy of the First Amendment. The senator has graciously allowed me to say that in print, even in Arizona, even when he's up for re-election.

Emmett Tyrrell | March 29, 2002

"The advantage of emotions is that they lead us astray." Ponder that arcanum, Hollywoodians.

Larry Kudlow | March 29, 2002

The last time Paul Volcker made front-page news, he and Ronald Reagan had teamed up with a program of sound money and tax cuts to restore U.S. economic vitality.

Charles Krauthammer | March 29, 2002

We have failed to see how a daily diet of hatred fed through schools and the media has laid the groundwork for the orgy of murder-suicide the Palestinians are now engaged in.

Bruce Bartlett | March 29, 2002

Many of those supporting President Bush's decision to impose tariffs on steel imports do so not so much because they care particularly about the steel industry. Rather, they are concerned that too much of the U.S. economy appears to be devoted to producing services, like banking, and not enough to producing goods, like autos.

John McCaslin | March 29, 2002

According to the federal government's new Body Mass Index standards, Michael Jordan and Cal Ripken Jr. are overweight, and Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe are obese.

Thu, Mar 28, 2002

Jonah Goldberg | March 28, 2002

If the librarians are right, the Department of Education should call Larry Flynt and order as many dirty magazines as they can for schools and libraries without Internet connections.

Cal Thomas | March 28, 2002

The best approach to solving the problem of a few priests who prey on minors, and theological liberalism in general, is for the Catholic Church to return to the original rulebook, Scripture...

Suzanne Fields | March 28, 2002

The similarity between Nazi images of Jews as rodents and carriers of disease and the caricatures of Jews in Arab countries has been amply documented, so it shouldn't surprise anyone to see variations on a theme in an official Saudi paper.

Ross Mackenzie | March 28, 2002

Talk about catastrophe. The guilty clergy have caused damage far greater than mere mockery.

Robert Novak | March 28, 2002

Sen. Russell Feingold scored two triumphs last week before Congress began its Easter recess. Fellow Democrats celebrated final passage of the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform act. They were not cheering when the Wisconsin maverick interfered with his party's plans for a free hand on federal spending.

William F. Buckley | March 28, 2002

How do you get word out about a book? Publishing houses and authors have simply given up.

Wed, Mar 27, 2002

Michelle Malkin | March 27, 2002

Who wouldn't want to live and work in Washington, D.C.? Try real people with real jobs and real families.

Walter E. Williams | March 27, 2002

The Framers of the Constitution had a deathly fear of federal government abuse. They saw secession as the ultimate protection against Washington tyranny.

Brent Bozell | March 27, 2002

Campaign finance reform focuses on paid 30- or 60-second ads, but does nothing about 30- and 60-minute entertainment television programs that are just as passionately, just as deliberately pushing liberal candidates and causes.

Jonah Goldberg | March 27, 2002

The American Library Association filed suit in federal court this week to ensure that every man, woman and child in America has a right to unrestricted access to porn.

David Limbaugh | March 27, 2002

I have good news for you Catholics who are tired of your church being a punching bag. Finally someone has written a book defending the Catholic Church.

Pat Buchanan | March 27, 2002

With President Bush's pledge to ratchet up U.S. foreign aid by 50 percent over three years, can someone explain to me again the difference between a compassionate conservative and a Clintonian liberal?

Debra J. Saunders | March 27, 2002

The forces that want to dumb down public schools never rest. Failure never cows them; success never hinders them.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 27, 2002

State governments and the federal courts are separately assuming the power to forcibly drug American citizens. The details are shocking.

Maggie Gallagher | March 27, 2002

Ordaining gay men to all-male celibate orders makes about as much sense as sending married guys away from their wives to live in all-girl boarding communes.

Kathleen Parker | March 27, 2002

Despite the history that created the redundant cliché — Hollywood liberals — Sunday night’s 74th annual Academy Awards did much to shift our perceptions.

George Will | March 27, 2002

The war on terrorism is suddenly going terribly wrong.

William F. Buckley | March 27, 2002

The concern for income polarity is both obsessive and thoughtless. The question of the "digital divide" is now fashionable.

John McCaslin | March 27, 2002

Barbra Streisand, awakened by the sounds of jets flying overhead from the nearby Marine air station in SC, complained by phone to the local commanding officer and told him she didn't want it to happen again. He reportedly responded, 'I'll see what I can do about it.'

John Leo | March 27, 2002

The sad truth is that church officials treated sexual assaults as if they were administrative problems or celibacy violations to be covered up by offering hush money and shifting priests from parish to parish. It doesn't seem to have occurred to them that these are classic "sins of omission" in Catholic terms, and possible cover-up crimes in the eyes of the state.

Tue, Mar 26, 2002

Cal Thomas | March 26, 2002

Let me see if I have this straight. Individuals can violate our immigration laws and get amnesty. Nations can refuse to repay the debts they owe and be forgiven, and then can get more money that never needs to be repaid.

Linda Chavez | March 26, 2002

The Catholic Church won't survive the current crisis by abandoning its moral principles and teachings -- no matter how much pressure the secular world brings to bear.

Bill Murchison | March 26, 2002

Whom would you want living next door -- industrious, generally honest people who keep noses and neighborhoods clean, or people ready to blow themselves up, and you along with them? That's the choice that Americans must face in the Palestinian controversy.

Marvin Olasky | March 26, 2002

This last day of March and the first day of April this year bring Easter, the NCAA basketball championship game and the opening of the Major League Baseball season all in a two-day period.

Bruce Bartlett | March 26, 2002

The media seems to think that Republicans were responsible for Enron's collapse because they oppose government regulation. But it was actually the Clinton administration that served Enron's interests.

Joel Mowbray | March 26, 2002

Suggestions by a Vatican spokesman of a link between homosexuality and sexual abuse by priests cannot be lightly dismissed, and in fact, demand further exploration.

Armstrong Williams | March 26, 2002

Republicans are using family values as warm, endearing code for their attempts to co-opt a traditional bastion of the Democrats support. But family values are not about short-circuiting the legal system just so that you may coral some cheap votes.

Mon, Mar 25, 2002

Pat Buchanan | March 25, 2002

"Your words can be interpreted in such ways that they hurt national resolve," thundered William J. Bennett at Jimmy Carter's remark that President Bush's "axis of evil" phrase was unhelpful.

Suzanne Fields | March 25, 2002

The campus beauty contest is back, and at Harvard of all places. Brains, of course, are important, too, so Miss Harvard not only twirls a mean baton, but is an editor of the Crimson, the college newspaper.

Debra J. Saunders | March 25, 2002

Last Sunday, The New York Times reported a story that should send a chill down the spine of every American who plans to grow old.

Rich Tucker | March 25, 2002

Have you heard the news? I doubt it.

Kathleen Parker | March 25, 2002

The nightmares started late last summer. There's this man, emotionless and unmoving, with dead eyes. He speaks in a monotone and never flinches no matter what he sees or hears.

Robert Novak | March 25, 2002

On Thursday, March 14, in the Colombian city of Cali, two American citizens were shot to death.

George Will | March 25, 2002

Space lost its hold on America's imagination after the last lunar expedition in 1972. But the really exciting research had just begun