Sat, Mar 02, 2002

David Limbaugh | March 02, 2002

I realize that, according to Clinton apologists, you can't disagree with the ex-president without being guilty of Clinton bashing and engaging in the politics of personal destruction. Oh, well.

Robert Novak | March 02, 2002

On Monday, Republican Gov. William Janklow signed into law a bill prohibiting Daschle from simultaneously running for president and Senate re-election from South Dakota in 2004.

Fri, Mar 01, 2002

Michelle Malkin | March 01, 2002

The kidnap-murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was an awful, brutal and evil act. But the wall-to-wall coverage of his abduction and death raises questions about media double standards.

Brent Bozell | March 01, 2002

The dictionary defines diplomacy as "the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations."

Jonah Goldberg | March 01, 2002

Somehow, in the last 40 years the entire concept of free speech has been completely inverted.

Mona Charen | March 01, 2002

I'm not as old as I look. Really. It's just that I have three boys. Who, after all, could supervise tooth-brushing twice a day for this crew without developing severe furrows between the brows and dark circles beneath the eyes?

Oliver North | March 01, 2002

This is a country at war; a poverty-stricken land controlled by a large, well-financed radical terrorist organization.

Debra J. Saunders | March 01, 2002

Maybe Andrea Yates, the Texas mother who admitted to drowning her five children, was legally insane when she killed those poor defenseless children.

John McCaslin | March 01, 2002

President Bush's political adviser, Karl Rove, joined Mel Gibson for a very early sneak peek - read, last fall - of the new movie "We Were Soldiers," opening this weekend.

Charles Krauthammer | March 01, 2002

The ``axis of evil'' caused a sensation around the world because it established a new American foreign policy based on three distinctive principles: morality, pre-emption and unilateralism.

Bruce Bartlett | March 01, 2002

No later than March 6, President Bush must make a difficult decision on whether to grant trade protection to the steel industry.

Larry Kudlow | March 01, 2002

Markets are rapacious creditors. In the information economy, they are the most powerful regulators of financial and corporate behavior.

Thu, Feb 28, 2002

Ann Coulter | February 28, 2002

According to initial buoyant reports in early February, enraged travelers rose up in a savage attack on the secretary of transportation.

Thomas Sowell | February 28, 2002

When California Republicans vote in next Tuesday's primary, they will face a much less difficult choice for their party's nomination for governor than they had just a few weeks ago.

Jonah Goldberg | February 28, 2002

The scariest thing about Al Sharpton is that he actually seems to think he can be president.

Cal Thomas | February 28, 2002

AIDS activists descended on Washington in mid-February to lobby for more federal dollars to fight one of history's worst plagues.

Suzanne Fields | February 28, 2002

You may remember that when you were in kindergarten your biggest problem was how to color inside the lines, or whether to choose the rock, flower or shell to take to "show and tell."

Emmett Tyrrell | February 28, 2002

It is that time of year when critics in various fields of intellectual endeavor bestow their awards for "the best."

George Will | February 28, 2002

A quarter of all Americans smoke. But most American adults--61 percent--are overweight or obese, primarily because they eat imprudently and exercise negligibly.

Armstrong Williams | February 28, 2002

New accounts of the videotape depicting the grisly murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl indicate that Pearl was targeted specifically because he was Jewish.

Ross Mackenzie | February 28, 2002

With spring training camps opening, let's take a romp around the issue bases....

Wed, Feb 27, 2002

Thomas Sowell | February 27, 2002

The never-ending battle of the left to keep people from being held responsible for the consequences of their own actions is now in the Supreme Court of the United States

Michelle Malkin | February 27, 2002

If politicians can find it in their hearts to give away government aid to illegal alien relatives of the victims of Sept. 11...

Walter E. Williams | February 27, 2002

In 1996, California's voters passed Proposition 209, which outlawed racial quotas for college admission.

Brent Bozell | February 27, 2002

Actor, director, entrepreneur and liberal activist Robert Redford has weighed in on the horrific events of last Sept. 11.

David Limbaugh | February 27, 2002

While the decades-long debate over school choice rages and a potentially landmark case concerning it is about to be decided by the Supreme Court, I thought I’d share with you a few tidbits involving recent trends in public schools.

Pat Buchanan | February 27, 2002

What does conservatism stand for in 2002? What is it we wish to conserve? "Work, family, faith, community, country." Were these not what Ronald Reagan celebrated?

Debra J. Saunders | February 27, 2002

Last Year, the California Legislature approved a measure that put a $2. 6 billion bond measure on the ballot for water projects and parks.

Phyllis Schlafly | February 27, 2002

Public schools seem to be obsessed with requiring students to fill out nosy questionnaires. The latest outrage, titled "How Am I?", asked 55 intrusive questions of New Jersey seventh and eighth graders.

Maggie Gallagher | February 27, 2002

The Bush administration proposes one small change in welfare policy:

William F. Buckley | February 27, 2002

A dismaying aspect of the whole scene on campaign-finance reform is the running question of constitutionality.

Jack Kemp | February 27, 2002

In his State of the Union Address last month, President George W. Bush sounded like Adam Smith when he said, "Good jobs depend on expanding trade."

Kathleen Parker | February 27, 2002

Until a few weeks ago, Daniel Pearl was unknown except to loyal readers of The Wall Street Journal, family and friends.

John McCaslin | February 27, 2002

It has been so stressful in the U.S. Senate of late - what with fear of campaign-finance reform drying up the almighty dollar

Robert Novak | February 27, 2002

In contrast to the Bush administration's happy talk about a gradual economic recovery, dark clouds drift over the nation's great money centers.

Tue, Feb 26, 2002

Thomas Sowell | February 26, 2002

What is called Black History Month might more accurately be called "the sins of white people" month.

Cal Thomas | February 26, 2002

Democratic politicians know that when Republicans are successful in cutting taxes it generally provides a political boost to the GOP.

Debra J. Saunders | February 26, 2002

Apparently, the people who run the University of California at Berkeley won't be satisfied until they have run its reputation into the ground.

Linda Chavez | February 26, 2002

Like clockwork, the debate over slave reparations is heating up again to coincide with the end of Black History month.

Bill Murchison | February 26, 2002

On the one hand, nobody is forced to eavesdrop on a debate in Spanish between two contenders for the Texas governorship.

Armstrong Williams | February 26, 2002

There are countries that have declared "total war" on the United States. Already, they have targeted our water supplies, nuclear plants and civilian populations for terrorist attacks.

Joel Mowbray | February 26, 2002

This afternoon, Sen. Ted Kennedy and his Democrat cronies on the Senate Education Committee may put their liberal racism on display once again at the confirmation hearing of Gerald Reynolds

Marvin Olasky | February 26, 2002

Linguist, lawyer, catcher, spy. As Major Leaguers begin spring training, we might celebrate and mourn the 100th birthday of the late Moe Berg, who practiced all of those callings but ended up without hope.

Bruce Bartlett | February 26, 2002

This is the time of year when many Americans reluctantly turn their attention to filling out tax returns.

Mon, Feb 25, 2002

Michelle Malkin | February 25, 2002

There's a word for people like Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson, who got caught last week cutting in line at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C.

Mona Charen | February 25, 2002

Our Canadian and European "allies" are getting a bad case of the heebie-jeebies over President Bush's use of the phrase "axis of evil."

Oliver North | February 25, 2002

Things aren't like they used to be in our nation's capital. The change in leadership at the White House has ushered in a new era of responsibility.

Pat Buchanan | February 25, 2002

It was the greatest mistake of the Reagan presidency. Yet, President Bush seems about to repeat it.

Suzanne Fields | February 25, 2002

George Bush is trying to create a better image of America abroad.

Debra J. Saunders | February 25, 2002

Every dog has his day, and these are good days for Vice President Dick Cheney.

John Leo | February 25, 2002

-->"Two Parents Not Always Best for Children, Study Finds," said the headline in last Thursday's New York Times.

William F. Buckley | February 25, 2002

That was a pretty bad egg the Pentagon laid when word was spoken of a projected Department of Disinformation.

Robert Novak | February 25, 2002

Uruguay's President Jorge Batlle was engaged on Feb. 15 in a cordial Oval Office conversation with President George W. Bush, pledging his support for the war against terrorism

Armstrong Williams | February 25, 2002

U.S. officials are in possession of videotape that proves Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was killed by his captors.