Sun, Dec 30, 2001

Thomas Sowell | December 30, 2001

When Mark McGwire had his incredible 70-home run season in 1998, nobody thought that his record would be broken just three years later.

Michelle Malkin | December 30, 2001

Even if you have only a passing interest in today's popular music, I urge you to pay attention to the loathsome record nominated this week by Washington Post staff writer David Segal as the "Best Album" of 2001.

Oliver North | December 30, 2001

For most of us, the end of one year and the beginning of another is a time to reflect on the past and make resolutions for the future.

Debra J. Saunders | December 30, 2001

These are a few things I'd like to see in 2002.

Jacob Sullum | December 30, 2001

It's doubtful that gin, rum, vodka, whiskey or tequila will replace champagne as the preferred beverage of the new year, no matter how many commercials for distilled spirits appear on NBC.

Kathleen Parker | December 30, 2001

You've heard the names of the firemen and police officers who died on Sept. 11, read the bios of men and women who died at their desks or aboard hijacked airplanes, listened to the eulogies of the famous among them.

Larry Kudlow | December 30, 2001

Two thousand and one was a year of tumultuous change, marked by war and recession, heartbreak and fear -- but also resiliency and recovery.

George Will | December 30, 2001

To see the banknotes of Europe's new common currency is to see Europe's future.

Armstrong Williams | December 30, 2001

I nervously dab my forehead with a handkerchief, jam my hands in my pockets and board a flight for the first time since 9/11.

Fri, Dec 28, 2001

Ann Coulter | December 28, 2001

In response to the attempted bombing last week of an American Airlines jet by Tariq Raja -- aka Abdel Rahim, aka Richard "Saltonstall" Reid IV, aka "Biff" -- the airlines sprang to action with random passenger shoe checks.

Thomas Sowell | December 28, 2001

This year marked not only the beginning of a new millennium, but of a truly new era as well.

Larry Elder | December 28, 2001

A student, for an assignment, looked up the word "democracy" in Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, 10th Edition. The following definition appears:

Jonah Goldberg | December 28, 2001

"Follow the money." This political cliche was made famous during Watergate, but the idea has been around forever.

Cal Thomas | December 28, 2001

The proper way to do airport security is brought to us by El Al Airlines.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 28, 2001

Geraldo Rivera is up to his old tricks again, namely, reporting falsehoods and bullying those who oppose him.

Bruce Bartlett | December 28, 2001

As the new year begins, one of the regular features I have come to expect is a new batch of economic forecasts.

Ross Mackenzie | December 28, 2001

They've practically put the double O's - Omar and Osama - and their acolytes out of commission.

Thu, Dec 27, 2001

Walter E. Williams | December 27, 2001

Major media people have values unlike most other Americans. Former CBS correspondent Bernard Goldberg documents that in his best-seller, "Bias."

Jonah Goldberg | December 27, 2001

Don't get me wrong; I'm a huge fan of Rudy Giuliani. He has been arguably the most successful and important mayor of the 20th century.

Pat Buchanan | December 27, 2001

Two thousand years after the first Christmas, Israeli tanks were firing in Manger Square in Bethlehem and Jewish children were being massacred by suicide-bombers in Jerusalem.

Suzanne Fields | December 27, 2001

Americans have always made sport of intellectuals. Who hasn't heard the question, "If you're so smart, why ain't you rich?" Or, "If you're so smart, why do you do such dumb things?"

George Will | December 27, 2001

America's Civil War provides many analogies by which we measure--and sometimes misunderstand--today's military developments, and American ways of waging war.

Robert Novak | December 27, 2001

Don Rumsfeld's emergence as the media superstar fighting terrorism does not mean Colin Powell is a failure.

Ross Mackenzie | December 27, 2001

If duplicitous pooh-bahs with restive Islamist populations were major overseers of the food we eat or the water we drink, the government long ago would have fixed the situation to make us food and water independent.

Jack Kemp | December 27, 2001

When democratic governments create economic calamity, free markets get the blame.

Marvin Olasky | December 27, 2001

"Let them come to Berlin." Those were the words President John F. Kennedy offered 4 years ago, at a time when the focus of the Cold War was on the then-divided German city.

Bruce Bartlett | December 27, 2001

My old friend Burt Pines always used to say that Richard Nixon did many things for which he deserved impeachment and removal from office, but none of them had anything to do with Watergate.

Wed, Dec 26, 2001

Michelle Malkin | December 26, 2001

Every December, people get religion about religion -- and for a fleeting moment, government secularists lose their invincibility cloaks.

Brent Bozell | December 26, 2001

Looking back at 2001 is like looking back at two years -- the fat and happy first eight months, and then the unfathomable terror followed by sudden war.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 26, 2001

Many parents assume that the tests given to their children in public school are only for educational purposes.

Bill Murchison | December 26, 2001

It's like when the kids leave home ... it's like when the dog dies or your favorite restaurant shuts down.

John Leo | December 26, 2001

It's official. The campaign to "humanize" John Walker is under way.

Armstrong Williams | December 26, 2001

It's an exceptional landscape that Christmas heralds. At once, glorious and manipulative to its core.

Mon, Dec 24, 2001

Cal Thomas | December 24, 2001

When Ronald Reagan delivered his "evil empire" speech about the Soviet Union nearly two decades ago, New York Times columnist Anthony Lewis debunked the speech

Pat Buchanan | December 24, 2001

When I was a boy, Kensington was a village half an hour north of Chevy Chase Circle where, inside an ice-cold armory, Catholic kids practiced basketball.

Suzanne Fields | December 24, 2001

For better and for worse, the terrorist attacks on the United States have changed public attitudes toward Israel.

Debra J. Saunders | December 24, 2001

The lesson California State University Sacramento graduates learned from their commencement festivities last weekend was, to paraphrase an old saying: Don't heckle people who buy ink by the barrel.

George Will | December 24, 2001

Two hundred twenty-five Christmases ago, history was being made around here.

Robert Novak | December 24, 2001

Sen. Tom Daschle has walked a tightrope since becoming majority leader with a one-vote majority seven months ago. He fell off this month, suffering three embarrassing defeats as the long congressional session ended.

Larry Kudlow | December 24, 2001

Reprising Al Gore's campaign mantra of bashing rich people and attacking business, Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle has managed a one-man stand to kill the stimulus package designed to help the nation move out of recession.