Sat, Dec 08, 2001

David Limbaugh | December 08, 2001

The Wall Street Journal's Al Hunt, in a fleeting moment of political clarity, admitted that we're lucky to have Bush instead of Gore as president during the war on terrorism. But there's a catch.

Robert Novak | December 08, 2001

The transition team of New York's nominally Republican Mayor-elect Michael Bloomberg caught the eye of Washington-based Republican power brokers because of its tilt to the left.

Fri, Dec 07, 2001

Michelle Malkin | December 07, 2001

Which is more important: Well-trained Navy pilots or well-rested toads? Increased military preparedness or increased antelope populations?

Brent Bozell | December 07, 2001

CBS usually loves a whistleblower. You can sense reporters' juices flowing when some corporate insider wants to whisper.

Jonah Goldberg | December 07, 2001

"If we members of the Vast Right-wing Conspiracy don't get back to our daily routine of obsessive Clinton-bashing, then the terrorists will have won."

Mona Charen | December 07, 2001

His beaming smile made it to the front page for the first time in months. Alas for him it was only the front page of the Style section in The Washington Post.

Oliver North | December 07, 2001

America's generals and admirals are often accused of preparing for the next war by refighting the last one.

Emmett Tyrrell | December 07, 2001

As our wartime president George W. Bush asks for more stringent investigative and prosecutorial powers to deal with today's unprecedented threat to American security, Senator Pat has become a strict civil libertarian.

Rich Tucker | December 07, 2001

Halfway around the globe, American servicemen are in action every day. They’re in the air and on the ground, carrying out missions aimed at tracking down members of al Qaeda and eliminating Afghanistan’s longtime rulers, the Taliban.

Bruce Bartlett | December 07, 2001

On Dec. 11, the Federal Open Market Committee of the Federal Reserve meets to discuss monetary policy.

Larry Kudlow | December 07, 2001

One of the remarkable aspects of the explosive stock market rally in the United States, Europe and much of Pac Rim Asia is the apparent willingness of investors to view the U.S.-led global war again terrorism

John McCaslin | December 07, 2001

Who would have ever pictured Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on a Topps trading card?

Charles Krauthammer | December 07, 2001

You would think that the right to self-defense is elementary, a minimal decency one nation accords another. France has it. We have it.

Thu, Dec 06, 2001

Ann Coulter | December 06, 2001

Feverish, angry mail poured in from bitter Manhattan termagants in response to a Maureen Dowd column in The New York Times about the "hunks" at Ground Zero.

Thomas Sowell | December 06, 2001

Nearly two months after the September 11th terrorist attacks, the grim reality of our situation has still not set in for many people in the media and in politics.

Brent Bozell | December 06, 2001

Among the brightest stars of this television season have been the Arizona Diamondbacks, Jennifer Aniston and Carol Burnett, whose luminosity predates by several decades that of both the baseball club and Mrs. Brad Pitt.

Larry Elder | December 06, 2001

As we undertake the War against Terrorism, President Bush should simultaneously announce a "War against Chutzpah."

Cal Thomas | December 06, 2001

There's a little ditty from the 1961 Broadway musical "Carnival" that says something, in a different context, about the class warfare fought by Democrats against Republicans:

Suzanne Fields | December 06, 2001

In the chic salons where the liberal elite meet and in the less than chic coffee houses of the tenured academics on campus, there's a consistent whiff of sanctimony from the Blame America First crowd.

Rich Tucker | December 06, 2001

Later this month, TIME magazine will select its annual “Person of the Year”. A spokesman for the magazine confirms that terrorist mastermind Osama bin Laden is one of a dozen people being considered for the award. It’s time – right now – to cross his name off the candidates list.

Ross Mackenzie | December 06, 2001

According to the Bush formulation, Yasser Arafat is a terrorist. The United States, Israel, and the world's remaining forces of right reason should soon introduce him to the terrorist's fate.

Wed, Dec 05, 2001

Michelle Malkin | December 05, 2001

Dr. David Satcher, the nation's lame duck surgeon general, wants taxpayers to cough up more money for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Jonah Goldberg | December 05, 2001

Say you're having an argument with your neighbor. He thinks your fence extends a couple feet onto his property. You agree in principle to talk about moving the fence.

David Limbaugh | December 05, 2001

I wonder what it will take to make America and the rest of the civilized world understand that the Palestinian Authority does not seek peaceful coexistence with Israel.

Pat Buchanan | December 05, 2001

Whether the slaughter of 26 Israelis was a reprisal for Israel's assassination of a Hamas leader or an attempt to kill President Bush's peace initiative, it has succeeded.

Debra J. Saunders | December 05, 2001

The sidewalk in front of the Abbey Road recording studio was packed ... with journalists.

Linda Chavez | December 05, 2001

If you thought political correctness on campus had gone the way of pet rocks and hula hoops, think again.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 05, 2001

Where are all those strict-constructionist Republicans who've been complaining about activist judges who don't respect the fact that the U.S. Constitution gives "all legislative powers" to the Congress?

Frank Gaffney | December 05, 2001

In the wake of three murderous attacks on Israeli civilians last weekend, Secretary of State Colin Powell was moved to declare that "It is a moment of truth, Mr. Arafat." It would be more accurate to describe this as a moment for truth.

Maggie Gallagher | December 05, 2001

This first Sunday in Advent, the time when we Christians wait in joyful hope for the birth of Christ, the priest at my local Tarrytown (N.Y.) church had a special message for us:

Armstrong Williams | December 05, 2001

Fighting for civil rights is not only good for the community, it is big business. Just ask the family of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

George Will | December 05, 2001

Coming from the territory for which Yasser Arafat is responsible, terrorists last weekend killed 26 Israelis, a portion of Israel's population that is equal to 1,240 Americans.

John McCaslin | December 05, 2001

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who sports the hat of senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, says in order to achieve victory in the war on terrorism, the United States and its allies must adhere to 10 principles:

Joel Mowbray | December 05, 2001

In their latest attempt to get Senate Democrats off their duffs and approve President George W. Bush's nominees, Republicans are playing the race card, accusing Democrats of "racial profiling" in stalling minority candidates.

Robert Novak | December 05, 2001

Sen. Robert C. Byrd, at age 84, remains the master of parliamentary chicanery in enacting pork barrel legislation.

Jack Kemp | December 05, 2001

The obsession of some members of the press and the political establishment to attack Iraq right now is disturbing.

William F. Buckley | December 05, 2001

The Palestine chief negotiator, Saeb Erekat, said ringingly that the night of Monday, Dec. 3, would signal a permanent end to any prospect of peace in the Mideast.

Tue, Dec 04, 2001

Cal Thomas | December 04, 2001

Speaking of the murder of more than two dozen Israeli civilians last weekend by what one wire service called "Islamic militants."

Debra J. Saunders | December 04, 2001

This year we traveled, before and after Sept. 11. We basked in delights that some people will never know, and that some cannot appreciate.

Jacob Sullum | December 04, 2001

The ubiquity of the World Wide Web is the main reason parents worry about it: Curious kids can peruse pornography from any location where they have unfettered online access.

Armstrong Williams | December 04, 2001

Other than the persistent clacking of my boots on the cement, things seemed eerily quiet as I trudged up 2nd Street, turned the corner and then moved around the blockade that surrounds the Capitol building.

Marvin Olasky | December 04, 2001

"However agreeable and successful he turns out to be, the new president is doomed to be seen by many Americans as a bastard."

Bruce Bartlett | December 04, 2001

Last week's death of ex-Beatle George Harrison brought forth a large amount of retrospection of his music and that of The Beatles.

Mon, Dec 03, 2001

Brent Bozell | December 03, 2001

In an interview almost stroking the hair of Vice President Al Gore, Bryant Gumbel identified them as "the architects of gridlock." They were, of course, the Republicans.

Suzanne Fields | December 03, 2001

Once upon a time, men walked on the street side of the sidewalk when accompanying a woman so that if a carriage wheel splashed water from the gutter he and not she got wet. Or wetter.

Debra J. Saunders | December 03, 2001

Prime Minister Tony Blair is having a tougher time getting Parliament to pass his anti-terror bill than President George W. Bush had.

Robert Novak | December 03, 2001

Exposure of CIA operative Johnny (Mike) Spann's identity as the first American killed in Afghanistan is viewed by surprised intelligence insiders as an effort by Director George Tenet to boost the embattled CIA's prestige.

William F. Buckley | December 03, 2001

There are two fires raging in the matter of President Bush and his proposed tribunals. One is historical/theoretical, the second, ideological.

John Leo | December 03, 2001

America's next official victim group may be roaring your way on their Harley-Davidsons.