Sun, Aug 12, 2001

William F. Buckley | August 12, 2001

It seems everyone is concerned about President Bush and vacations. Some commentary is simply informational, idiomatic questions put and answers given, showing nothing more than workaday curiosity.

George Will | August 12, 2001

--``We're not in the entertainment business,'' said the Rev. Theodore Hesburgh, co-chairman of the Knight Foundation's Commission on Intercollegiate Athletics, ``nor are we a minor league for professional sports.''

Sat, Aug 11, 2001

David Limbaugh | August 11, 2001

Now is not the time for the Bush administration to get weak-kneed on affirmative action. Not only did George Bush campaign against racial preferences; they are bad policy and are destructive of racial relations.

Fri, Aug 10, 2001

Ann Coulter | August 10, 2001

The ACLU is getting a lot of credit these days for defending our precious First Amendment right to scribble sadistic child pornography.

Jonah Goldberg | August 10, 2001

"Gary Condit! Come out with your pants up!"

David Limbaugh | August 10, 2001

The Democrats’ newfound affinity for federal budget surpluses provides a window into the soul of economic liberalism.

Emmett Tyrrell | August 10, 2001

Since Boy Clinton left town, all his successor has been able to give us has been tax cuts and progress toward a patients' bill of rights, education reform of a sort, an energy policy and faith-based social programs.

Bruce Bartlett | August 10, 2001

If the vitriol of its enemies is any measure, then the prospects of privatizing Social Security are getting better by the day.

John McCaslin | August 10, 2001

Congress is sending mixed signals. For instance, the House is coming around on patients' rights (permit suits against insurers but rarely against employers).

John McCaslin | August 10, 2001

Curious about the seemingly inexplicable increase in shark attacks in recent years?

Charles Krauthammer | August 10, 2001

Reflections on President Bush 43 generally are made with conscious comparison to President Bush 41. But George W. is far closer to Ronald Reagan than to his father.

Thu, Aug 09, 2001

Thomas Sowell | August 09, 2001

With police on hand to try to maintain order, the Loudoun County (Virginia) board of supervisors recently imposed severe restrictions on the building of homes, despite angry protesters.

Michelle Malkin | August 09, 2001

Fraud is so inherent to the operation of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that "HUD Scandal" might as well be one word.

Brent Bozell | August 09, 2001

The late Steve Allen once told me that the mark of an untalented comedian is a reliance on jokes revolving around sex, drugs or obscenities -- in other words, shock.

Larry Elder | August 09, 2001

King III leads the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the legendary organization founded by his father some 44 years ago. The board briefly suspended King III for inattentiveness, for possessing an unfocused agenda that allowed the organization to "drift."

Jonah Goldberg | August 09, 2001

The longer a politician stays in Washington, the more likely he is to contract Potomac Fever, a condition that results in people trying to fix things that ain't broke.

Cal Thomas | August 09, 2001

The latest signpost on our road to cultural (and possibly literal) hell comes from a survey which found that one in five high school girls has been physically or sexually abused by a dating partner.

Suzanne Fields | August 09, 2001

Some of the guys at Republican headquarters got together the other day to talk about women and next year's congressional elections.

Debra J. Saunders | August 09, 2001

You know members of Congress have too much time on their hands, and no compunction about wasting tax dollars, when they sign on as co-sponsors of a bill to create a Cabinet-level Department of Peace.

Armstrong Williams | August 09, 2001

Sexual morals went out in the Middle Ages. So says a recent study commissioned by The Independent Woman's Forum.

William F. Buckley | August 09, 2001

How many times can the comeback kid come back? As many times as he needs to.

John McCaslin | August 09, 2001

What's become of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights?

George Will | August 09, 2001

Justice may have been done last week to Gen. Radislav Krstic at the Hague.

Robert Novak | August 09, 2001

While celebrating last week's pre-recess victories in Congress, President Bush's senior aides shrugged off one regrettable but relatively minor defeat.

Wed, Aug 08, 2001

Walter E. Williams | August 08, 2001

Already there are threats to pull out by the United States unless agenda proposals that seek to condemn Israel by equating Zionism with racism are removed.

Phyllis Schlafly | August 08, 2001

Those who have unkindly called the Republican Party the Stupid Party have new evidence for their opinion.

Kathleen Parker | August 08, 2001

Maybe I'm not as old as I thought I was, she said gleefully. After reading the findings of a new report about college relationships - "Hooking Up, Hanging Out, and Hoping for Mr. Right" - I'm feeling downright frisky.

Bruce Bartlett | August 08, 2001

After an initial period of success with the tax bill, Bush now seems to be floundering.

Jack Kemp | August 08, 2001

July 23, 2001, was supposed to mark the "rebirth" of the Kyoto protocol on global warming.

Tue, Aug 07, 2001

Cal Thomas | August 07, 2001

On a recent visit to Washington, Uzi Landau, Israel's minister for public security, predicted to me that another war would soon come to his country unless it "continues to show resolve and unity."

Maggie Gallagher | August 07, 2001

After the Rev. Walter Fauntroy, a black civil rights leader, joined an interfaith, multicultural coalition supporting a Federal Marriage Amendment that would block court-imposed gay marriage, Rick Rosendall, vice president of the Gay and Lesbian Activist Alliance, circulated the following e-mail:

Bill Murchison | August 07, 2001

Across George Bush's bow, just as Congress adjourned, went a ball sped by the Democratic-controlled Senate Commerce Committee as it defeated the nomination of Mary Sheila Gall to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Jacob Sullum | August 07, 2001

In the 1978 movie "The Boys from Brazil," Nazi doctor Josef Mengele produces a bunch of baby Hitlers and places them with families scattered around the world.

Marvin Olasky | August 07, 2001

Now that the Boston Red Sox have won 12 games in a row started by pitcher David Cone, it's a good time to mention a biography of him by America's best writer on baseball, Roger Angell.

Mon, Aug 06, 2001

Thomas Sowell | August 06, 2001

One of the clues in the Chandra Levy case that may have been dismissed too quickly was a call to the police on the morning of her disappearance, reporting a woman's scream heard in the building where she lived.

Jonah Goldberg | August 06, 2001

The Egyptians owe me. Big Time. According to the Bible, my great-great-great-great-great-great - oh you get the point - grandfather helped build the great cities of Egypt whose ruins drive that country's tourism business today.

Mona Charen | August 06, 2001

In bygone times, people understood that sex could be many things, but "safe" was not one of them.

Suzanne Fields | August 06, 2001

Ronald Reagan caught a lot of static when he remarked that if it weren't for women men would still be walking around in loin cloths.

Debra J. Saunders | August 06, 2001

First the human tragedy, then the push for government to do something in response to it.

John Leo | August 06, 2001

Alan Wolfe thinks that the United States, like other Western nations, is undergoing a radical revolution in morals, and is now "morally speaking, a new society."

Robert Novak | August 06, 2001

George W. Bush predicted to aides late last Wednesday afternoon that he would need only five minutes to close the deal with Rep. Charlie Norwood to seize control of HMO reform.

Sun, Aug 05, 2001

George Will | August 05, 2001

Nowadays, treaties and United Nations conferences have supplanted little magazines as the preferred places for ``progressive" thinkers to take the latest trends out for strolls in the sun. Hence the WCARRDXRI.