Fri, Jun 15, 2001

Ann Coulter | June 15, 2001

This week the Supreme Court upheld the right of religious groups to participate in the beautiful mosaic of after-school activities.

Thomas Sowell | June 15, 2001

The execution of Timothy McVeigh has again raised the issue of capital punishment.

Larry Elder | June 15, 2001

That irrepressible, lovable Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has done it again.

Emmett Tyrrell | June 15, 2001

What is it that attracts so many Americans to Europe? Americans are attracted to Europe by its superior charm, its suave, relaxed, cool hypocrisy.

Bruce Bartlett | June 15, 2001

It is now a foregone conclusion that some sort of prescription drug benefit for the elderly will be enacted by Congress and signed into law this year.

Thu, Jun 14, 2001

Jonah Goldberg | June 14, 2001

"At 7 a.m. this morning, we killed Tim McVeigh, the person responsible for the Oklahoma City bombing," announced Robert Nigh, the murderer's lawyer.

David Limbaugh | June 14, 2001

Timothy McVeigh was just executed, and President Bush is getting ready to begin his first major international trip.

Cal Thomas | June 14, 2001

School superintendent J.J. Phillips believed certain ideas were so important that he compiled a little book for his students to memorize between the first and eighth grades.

Suzanne Fields | June 14, 2001

Dr. Laura Schlesinger is one tough cookie. (Who knows cookies better than Mrs. Fields, even this Mrs. Fields who doesn't bake?) She's a lightning rod that absorbs the crackle and heat of bolts thrown at her from the left. She has a big mouth on a tiny face and wisecracks like Barbra Streisand.

Linda Chavez | June 14, 2001

The European elites can't stand George W. Bush. He's just not their sort of leader, a point they will try to make subtly clear on his visit to several European capitals this week. Of course, they're not very fond of American presidents in general.

Bill Murchison | June 14, 2001

Well, you see, "in his opinion, in pursuing (his) goal, it was necessary."

John McCaslin | June 14, 2001

President Bush has arrived -- once again -- in Europe.

Ross Mackenzie | June 14, 2001

Al Sharpton, who wants the voters to install him in the White House, has begun his campaign by getting himself stashed in a New York slammer for protesting Navy bombing on the island of Vieques.

Kathleen Parker | June 14, 2001

On the same day last week that smoker Richard Boeken was awarded a staggering $3 billion for successfully contracting lung cancer after 40 years of smoking Marlboro cigarettes, a new study was released announcing that obese people invite greater health risks than smokers or drinkers.

Robert Novak | June 14, 2001

When the final draft of his Monday speech about global warming on the eve of his presidential visit to Europe was presented to George W. Bush, he could barely believe his eyes.

Wed, Jun 13, 2001

Michelle Malkin | June 13, 2001

Milo Jacob Manheim won't be celebrating Father's Day this weekend. Like a growing number of celebrity babies, 3-month-old Milo doesn't have a dad in his life -- and that's exactly the way his biological mother wants it.

Brent Bozell | June 13, 2001

More than six years after he mercilessly killed 168 people with an ammonia bomb, Timothy McVeigh was put to death by the federal government he hated so much. The memory of his awful crime will not fade, thanks in part to a museum at the scene of his crime.

Debra J. Saunders | June 13, 2001

The proper commentator, of course, would rail that Europeans are appalled at the execution of Timothy McVeigh -- and that would be the final word.

Armstrong Williams | June 13, 2001

Zelda Fitzgerald once wrote, "Nobody has ever measured, even the poets, how much a heart can hold." Perhaps what Fitzgerald meant, but was too gentle to say, was that love has no relation to reason or logic.

William F. Buckley | June 13, 2001

You will not believe what the United States, via the U.S. Navy, is engaged in, in Vieques, Puerto Rico!

Tue, Jun 12, 2001

Debra J. Saunders | June 12, 2001

It is a too-accepted gospel to the modern travel writer that the savvy tourist always packs light.

Phyllis Schlafly | June 12, 2001

It isn't just Social Security benefits that Americans are worried about - it's the Social Security number itself.

Maggie Gallagher | June 12, 2001

Just before Father's Day, President Bush went before the National Fatherhood Initiative to call attention to what "has emerged as one of our greatest social problems": fatherlessness.

Jacob Sullum | June 12, 2001

Richard Boeken, a 56-year-old securities broker from Topanga, Calif., is dying of lung cancer. But that's not why a Los Angeles jury decided Philip Morris should pay him $3 billion.

John Leo | June 12, 2001

Dishonest commentary often uses the passive voice. If nobody pays a lot of attention to your group or lobby, it's been "marginalized." People no longer drink too much. They are "afflicted with alcoholism and alcohol-related diseases." Passive, blame-shifting language is all around us now, a verbal smog.<

Bruce Bartlett | June 12, 2001

This week, Democrats reclaim control of the U.S. Senate -- a gift from Jim Jeffords, With the defection of Vermont's Jim Jeffords from their ranks, Senate Republicans are making a special effort these days to keep their members happy and avoid further losses.

Marvin Olasky | June 12, 2001

"The beginning, not the end," House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, said about the tax-cut bill President Bush signed last Thursday. But the beginning of what?

Mon, Jun 11, 2001

Suzanne Fields | June 11, 2001

America has an alcohol problem. We can't get enough of it. We killed for it during Prohibition. Then we legalized it again, and ever since, we've argued incessantly about when someone becomes old enough to drink.

Debra J. Saunders | June 11, 2001

California Gov. Gray Davis has been underestimated before.

Robert Novak | June 11, 2001

George W. Bush, John McCain and their wives had an amiable White House dinner last Tuesday night that made modest progress toward halting Sen.

Kathleen Parker | June 11, 2001

As McVeigh Day approaches yet again - his execution is still on for June 11 at this writing - Americans might give some thought to executing their televisions.

Sun, Jun 10, 2001

George Will | June 10, 2001

If Britain's election had been a boxing match, the referee would have stopped it weeks ago.

Ross Mackenzie | June 10, 2001

Jeff MacNelly died a year ago Friday (June 8). This year, he didn't win the Pulitzer Prize for editorial cartooning. And therein lies a tale....