Sun, Apr 01, 2001

Debra J. Saunders | April 01, 2001

Richard Lagerstrom, 75, of Mountain View, Calif., is one senior who isn't salivating at the prospect of a universal taxpayer-subsidized prescription drug benefit.

William F. Buckley | April 01, 2001

A protest movement is fomenting at Yale University, protesting the selection of Sen. Hillary Clinton as commencement speaker. The idea of the band of conservative students is not to disrupt the commencement proceedings, but to boycott at least that part of it in which she will figure.

George Will | April 01, 2001

Beginning with spring training in Arizona and Florida, Major League Baseball, taking pity on traumatized pitchers, is directing umpires to enforce the strike zone as defined in the rulebook.

Sat, Mar 31, 2001

David Limbaugh | March 31, 2001

Let me make a bold statement: Our society is not going to make any progress toward improving racial relations until we encourage the idea of racial colorblindness.

Robert Novak | March 31, 2001

Well-placed Republicans are making an offer to Sen. Bob Smith they feel he should not refuse: Pull out of next year's GOP Senate primary in New Hampshire, and you will get a prestigious job in the Bush administration. Stay in the race, and you will be out of public life.

Fri, Mar 30, 2001

Thomas Sowell | March 30, 2001

What would you do if you had just three days to live?

Michelle Malkin | March 30, 2001

A little boy was kidnapped in a foreign land, ripped from his family's arms, and psychologically victimized by police-state thugs.

Jonah Goldberg | March 30, 2001

At this point, science is progressing like Germans on French soil, which is to say: unchecked. The question of how to respond has taken everybody by surprise. It was long assumed that technological advancement would increase the power of government.

Mona Charen | March 30, 2001

President George Bush is giving every sign of an independent spirit. He had to know that his decision to reconsider regulations regarding arsenic in the drinking water would set the environmentalist hounds baying after him -- but he did it anyway. That is courage.

John McCaslin | March 30, 2001

Tourists visiting the nation's capital, absent-mindedly or not, have tried entering the White House carrying all sorts of personal items and baggage.

Charles Krauthammer | March 30, 2001

There are two ways to look at war. One school sees it as a temporary emergency, the result of bad people taking control of important countries and wreaking havoc. The other tends to see conflict as endemic, ingrained in human nature and the perpetual striving of peoples for power and dominion.

Thu, Mar 29, 2001

Ann Coulter | March 29, 2001

A few years ago I was bitterly disappointed to discover that Judge Pasco Bowman, the otherwise impeccable federal judge I clerked for after law school, had gotten a "qualified" rating from the American Bar Association. Maybe even -- God forbid -- "well qualified."

Thomas Sowell | March 29, 2001

Now that police departments are supposed to stop racial profiling, maybe it is time for book publishers and bookstores to stop as well.

Brent Bozell | March 29, 2001

Is big money ruining politics? Do we have a political debate strangled by special interests? Here's one vision of how major corporations are blatantly promoting their own selfish agenda, doling out massive resources to back a politician who will carry their water.

Larry Elder | March 29, 2001

A Los Angeles Times front-page article -- "Diversity in Oscars Still Elusive" -- yet again sounded the alarm.

Cal Thomas | March 29, 2001

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani last Tuesday mentioned two words not heard from a Republican since the days of Richard Nixon: price controls. Giuliani wants a "temporary imposition" of more stringent price controls on wholesale electric power rates in New York State. He believes that will head off a possible energy shortage in the city this summer.

Oliver North | March 29, 2001

These are tough times for liberal politicians, the "progressive" potentates of the print press and the blow dried air heads of "broadcast journalism."

Suzanne Fields | March 29, 2001

Russell Crowe is a bit of a rogue. Everybody knows that. He stole Meg Ryan from her husband and then dumped her, and got the reputation of a bad boy. Roguishness never kept any good (or not-so-good) actor from getting an Academy Award, and in Hollywood it might even help.

Debra J. Saunders | March 29, 2001

The death penalty did not penalize two-time killer Robert Lee Massie until he wanted it to.

Maggie Gallagher | March 29, 2001

Does anybody on the San Francisco Board of Education actually care about educating kids?

Emmett Tyrrell | March 29, 2001

It has taken a long time for the national conscience to focus on the pretty promises and unpleasant quiddities of that famous piece of legislation known as McCain-Feingold, a bipartisan Senate bill to drive from politics demon money.

George Will | March 29, 2001

The overture for the Senate's campaign finance opera--(BEG ITAL)opera bouffe(END ITAL), actually--was operatic indignation about President Bush's decision against cutting carbon dioxide emissions.

Ross Mackenzie | March 29, 2001

The new seven-year agreement between the Postal Service and Federal Express for FedEx to fly the PO's priority, express and first-class mail amounts to nothing less than the postal people's admission - after 226 years - that the private sector is, in fact, more efficient than the government in getting the important stuff through.

Wed, Mar 28, 2001

Michelle Malkin | March 28, 2001

Now we know which political party is truly the Party of the Little People. Noble Senate Democrats have come to the aid of a downtrodden woman.

Walter E. Williams | March 28, 2001

The McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill calls for an aspirin prescription when radical surgery is what's needed.

Jonah Goldberg | March 28, 2001

Now that former dot-com millionaires are forced to use public transportation to take advantage of the early-bird special at Sizzler, it seems we're all open to some common sense about the Internet.

David Limbaugh | March 28, 2001

It occurs to me that if an English-speaking Martian were to visit our nation for a short while, he might reasonably conclude that Hillary Clinton and John McCain were engaging in a bipartisan contest to become President Bush's chief nemesis and general thorn in the side.

Phyllis Schlafly | March 28, 2001

When President George W. Bush gets around to appointing federal judges, the issue of parental rights should be a major criterion. One model for what this means is contained in the principles recently outlined by the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Bruce Bartlett | March 28, 2001

In recent days, a consensus appears to have developed in the Senate on the idea that there should be at least a $60 billion tax cut this year. This would be considerably more than George W. Bush originally proposed, but he has signaled a willingness to support speeding-up his tax plan.

Jack Kemp | March 28, 2001

The world economy is caught in a vice between the jaws of monetary deflation and fiscal austerity, the result of extraordinarily tight monetary policy and high tax rates.

William F. Buckley | March 28, 2001

The antagonism between George Bush and John McCain intensifies, and although jokes can be made about it, as was apparently done for the audience at the Gridiron Club's annual dinner last week, the joke doesn't travel too well outside the Beltway.

Robert Novak | March 28, 2001

On Monday morning, Dec. 17, 1962, I returned from my honeymoon and found multiple phone messages from Rowly Evans on my desk in The Wall Street Journal's Washington bureau. Evans, a reporter for the New York Herald-Tribune, asked me at a subsequent lunch to collaborate with him in a daily newspaper column.

John McCaslin | March 28, 2001

CHOOSING COMMANDERS: Hoping to prevent another presidential election fiasco like the one we witnessed in Florida, a retired Marine-turned-U.S.-senator is leading the charge for reform.

Kathleen Parker | March 28, 2001

In our hypervigilant world of zero tolerance, pedophiliac paranoia and incest sensitivity, everyone's a pervert until proven innocent. If you've had the extremely bad judgment to be born a male, you're automatically suspicious.

Tue, Mar 27, 2001

Mona Charen | March 27, 2001

The estimable Dorothy Rabinowitz of The Wall Street Journal issued a welcome corrective to press coverage of the latest fatal school shooting -- this time in Santee, Calif.

Cal Thomas | March 27, 2001

President Bush wants to spend millions of dollars on "character" education in government-run schools. My parents gave me mine for free.

Debra J. Saunders | March 27, 2001

Ah, California. The state where you can drive your SUV while dishing President Bush for wanting to drill in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.

Linda Chavez | March 27, 2001

Campaign finance reform is dead, no matter what finally happens on the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill.

Frank Gaffney | March 27, 2001

In 1993, Secretary of Defense Les Aspen undertook what came to be known as a Bottom-Up Review (or BUR in Pentagonese) to consider the U.S. military's force structure and capability requirements in the post-Cold War World.

Jacob Sullum | March 27, 2001

Physicians like to think they operate outside the grubby commercial world where the customer is always right. That is why a medical examination, ostensibly a service that you purchase from a doctor, is actually a ceremony designed to put you in your place.

Bill Murchison | March 27, 2001

Can't we all just get along? No. It seems we can't, although the formerly famous Rodney King deserves credit for his amiable suggestion.

Marvin Olasky | March 27, 2001

As Easter approaches, evangelicals are once again bedeviled by academic and media stereotypes. You'd think from press coverage that conservative Christians are all self-absorbed seekers of personal peace and affluence.

Armstrong Williams | March 27, 2001

"Survivor," "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," "Big Brother," etc., have become staples of our cultural consciousness. These shows - and their promise of instant fortune - float from our televisions, nourishing our secret desires for power and respect.

John Leo | March 27, 2001

Controversies on the modern campus tend to follow a rigid story line:

Mon, Mar 26, 2001

Suzanne Fields | March 26, 2001

Pity the students at Brown University. They're caught in a crossfire between students who steal student newspapers that print things they don't like and students who demand the right to read and decide for themselves.

Bruce Bartlett | March 26, 2001

Last week's announcement that the Federal Reserve was only cutting interest rates by half a percentage point sent the stock market into a tailspin.

Kathleen Parker | March 26, 2001

The bizarrely titled "Born Alive Infant Protection Act," which seems to confirm the obvious, is back. And with it, one hopes, an end to discussions that shouldn't have been necessary.

Robert Novak | March 26, 2001

"Where is the president?" asked one of New York's greatest investors at mid-afternoon last Thursday, as the Dow-Jones Industrial Average tumbled another 300 points.

Sun, Mar 25, 2001

George Will | March 25, 2001

Because misery loves company, (BEG ITAL)Schadenfreude(END ITAL) is fun, and nervous Americans need some economic perspective, consider the world's second largest economy, Japan's. America's stock markets--which are not the same thing as America's economy--have entered a second troubled year.

Charles Krauthammer | March 25, 2001

Pharmaceutical companies live on patent protection. They make their profits in the few years they enjoy a monopoly on the drugs they have discovered. They fight fiercely to protect their turf, and give generously to politicians to make sure they protect that turf too.