Sat, Dec 30, 2000

Robert Novak | December 30, 2000

Senate Democratic Leader Thomas Daschle has no intention of scheduling the McCain-Feingold finance reform bill or other controversial legislation during the 17 days, starting Jan. 3, that he will be majority leader.

Fri, Dec 29, 2000

Thomas Sowell | December 29, 2000

"It's a small college, but there are those who love it." These words, spoken two centuries ago by Daniel Webster, referred to Dartmouth. Today, they apply with equal strength to Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Michelle Malkin | December 29, 2000

Here in the land of pontificators and tolerance preachers, a hateful crime goes unpunished. President Clinton, our lame duck lip-biter, is nowhere to be found. Neither are the chest-beaters at the New York Times.

Brent Bozell | December 29, 2000

To ponder another year of the media's misbehavior, a panel of 46 distinguished American remote-control tossers has voted on the Media Research Center's "Best Notable Quotables of 2000." How many perpetual media tendencies can you spot on this year's list?

Larry Elder | December 29, 2000

Is Sen. John Ashcroft, R-Mo., President-elect George W. Bush's choice for attorney general, an enemy of civil rights?

Oliver North | December 29, 2000

To achieve victory in war, the ancient Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu taught that you must "know the enemy." And with the liberal interest groups who throw bombs from their ivory towers high above the streets of the nation's capital, it is always war.

Thu, Dec 28, 2000

Ann Coulter | December 28, 2000

It's nice to see that the feminist organizations have gotten their voices back after several years of radio silence during the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

Thomas Sowell | December 28, 2000

A heartbreaking social statistic is that children on welfare have only about half as many words per day directed at them as the children of working-class families -- and less than one-third as many words as children whose parents are professionals.

Linda Chavez | December 28, 2000

New Year's resolutions are a bad idea. There's no way I will lose 20 pounds and keep it off, get through Gibbon's "The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire," or plant the imported tulip bulbs that have been sitting in my vegetable bin for the last two years.

Maggie Gallagher | December 28, 2000

They call it "reality TV," but the latest wave of new family television shows rolling out of La-La-Land is about as realistic as "Triumph of the Will." Divorce propaganda, I call it

Emmett Tyrrell | December 28, 2000

With George W. Bush's Republicans preparing to take over the White House, after duly fumigating the place, we seasoned Washington observers are preparing for a change of temperament in the media.

Bruce Bartlett | December 28, 2000

Almost all are sitting on large capital losses and this is the time of year when they play a paramount role in tax planning. Indeed, there is reason to believe that much of the weakness in the stock market lately was caused by tax selling.

Robert Novak | December 28, 2000

After insisting for two weeks that George W. Bush must prove his bipartisanship by embracing their programs, Democratic senators now face their own test.

Wed, Dec 27, 2000

Ann Coulter | December 27, 2000

Whatever you can say about any problems the Republicans are facing with the Clinton recession as they assume apparent control of all three branches of government (a sham on account of the high incidence of Republican turncoats with no corresponding Democratic turncoats), at least the Republican Party is not besieged by a triangle of egos now fighting for attention in the Democratic Party.

Thomas Sowell | December 27, 2000

An American flag is more likely to fly on a mobile home than on a mansion. Someone said that the light at the end of the tunnel could be a freight train heading your way.

Michelle Malkin | December 27, 2000

My daughter turned 6 months old last week. Veronica loves to roll across the living room, and drink from her sippy cup, and splash in the bathtub, and laugh at Daddy's fish lip faces, and yank really, really hard on Mommy's hair

Walter E. Williams | December 27, 2000

The Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (OECD) is comprised of 29 industrial nations, mostly in Western Europe, the Pacific Rim and North America. They've recently released a report titled "Towards Global Tax Cooperation" that should worry all of us.

David Limbaugh | December 27, 2000

George Bush's nomination of John Ashcroft as attorney general of the United States could not suit me more. Ashcroft is an outstanding nomination, especially on the heels of the most corrupt Justice Department in the history of the nation.

Phyllis Schlafly | December 27, 2000

As members of Congress are jockeying for chairmanships in the 107th Congress, the committees that handle big money seem to get all the headlines, but the education chairmanship may ultimately have the most influence on policy.

Jack Kemp | December 27, 2000

A Grinch who wanted to create an energy crisis would prevent new energy supplies from being tapped or created and limit return on investment in energy production to reduce or eliminate economic incentives.

John Leo | December 27, 2000

A friend donated some books to his son's nursery school here in New York. But one was rejected as too religious: "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." The friend, who is Jewish, was outraged that the school, which is vaguely Christian, was taking such a stupid stand on secretly Christian reindeer.

William F. Buckley | December 27, 2000

Retrospective indignation on who didn't get to vote in Florida raises interesting questions, not least: What about ethnic minorities who, never mind the dimpled chad, didn't go to the polls at all?

Tue, Dec 26, 2000

Bill Murchison | December 26, 2000

The votes counted and certified, the chads, and better yet, the lawyers out of sight, there hasn't been enough to talk about lately. But talk we must, because the world rapturously awaits the commentating fraternity's comments.

Jacob Sullum | December 26, 2000

Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating was recently in the spotlight as a leading contender for U.S. attorney general. Now that George W. Bush has picked defeated Missouri Sen. John Ashcroft instead, Keating won't be heading the Department of Justice.

Bruce Bartlett | December 26, 2000

George W. Bush's choice of Alcoa Chairman Paul O'Neill as Treasury Secretary indicates that Federal Reserve policy is very much on the president-elect's mind.

Mon, Dec 25, 2000

David Limbaugh | December 25, 2000

Democrats tell us that President Bush should foster an atmosphere of bipartisanship in Washington. They insist that the "photo-finish" presidential election requires that the new administration make conciliation with Democrats its highest priority.

Debra J. Saunders | December 25, 2000

What does the future hold for the shining stars of the Clinton years? Here are my predictions:

Robert Novak | December 25, 2000

When it became clear that industrialist Paul O'Neill was George W. Bush's December surprise as Secretary of the Treasury, grizzled conservative activists immediately remembered him as a doggedly liberal civil servant battling them a quarter-century ago.