Sun, Dec 03, 2000

Ann Coulter | December 03, 2000

It won't be easy for Republicans to lose this one. By sheer dint of hard work, they're still trying to pull it off. Republicans are good at losing. Stick with what you're good at.

David Limbaugh | December 03, 2000

Al Gore is seeking to perpetuate a number of myths in furtherance of his obsessive quest to fulfill his childhood dream. He is speaking with forked tongue because the truth does not benefit his presidential ambitions.

Maggie Gallagher | December 03, 2000

During the campaign, Tipper Gore spoke movingly of how supportive her husband was during the dark days of her mental distress. Does anybody but me wonder if she might soon have to return the favor?

Sat, Dec 02, 2000

Ann Coulter | December 02, 2000

If you have any doubt that Al Gore's selfless pleas for "democracy" are part of his scheme to steal the election, consider this: In one of Gore's many pending lawsuits against the Florida election results, he asked the court to declare him the winner on the grounds that there are still thousands of votes to be counted.

Debra J. Saunders | December 02, 2000

After vandals used a chain saw to leave a substantial slice along the base of Luna, a 1,000-year-old redwood tree in Humboldt County, tree hugger Paul Bassis told The Chronicle that the chain-saw job was "not an act of vandalism, it's a hate crime.

Robert Novak | December 02, 2000

James Lee Witt, President Clinton's director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) who inadvertently became an issue in the 2000 presidential campaign, may return to Arkansas to run against Republican Sen. Tim Hutchinson in 2002.

Fri, Dec 01, 2000

Thomas Sowell | December 01, 2000

The privations and sufferings of the poor have long been central themes in the vision of the political left. That is what attracted many of us to the left in our youth.

Michelle Malkin | December 01, 2000

Actor Robert Downey Jr. is California's glassy-eyed poster boy for the failed war on drugs. After numerous arrests dating back to 1996 and several fruitless attempts by the courts to rehabilitate him, Downey served a year in state prison.

Brent Bozell | December 01, 2000

Once upon a time, parents rebuking children for immature behavior would admonish them, "Act your age!" In today's crazed world of moral relativism, it is the last thing some adults are allowing youngsters to do.

Oliver North | December 01, 2000

As he campaigned across America, Gore frequently used a line that got him a big round of applause from liberal audiences: "We don't need anymore Antonin Scalias or Clarence Thomases on the Supreme Court."

Thu, Nov 30, 2000

Thomas Sowell | November 30, 2000

Florida has now given us the most famous dimples since Shirley Temple and the most famous long count since Tunney and Dempsey. Meanwhile, the Gore camp has given us the most shameless lies since Bill Clinton.

Brent Bozell | November 30, 2000

That incredible echo you hear on network TV news these days is the sound of network anchors deep in the tank for Al Gore.

Larry Elder | November 30, 2000

Mob rule! The Miami-Dade canvassing board voted to discontinue its manual recounts. The board felt incapable of completing the recount by the date set by the Florida Supreme Court.

Debra J. Saunders | November 30, 2000

Tom and Robert Fields bought the San Remo Hotel in 1971. The North Beach hotel was a historic building, constructed in 1906 to house workers displaced by the great earthquake and fire.

Emmett Tyrrell | November 30, 2000

Be polite! Al Gore thinks he is president-elect. Last weekend, there was that weird story that the Democrats planted throughout the media that over at his felicitously sited official residence, the Naval Observatory, Gore believes he won the state of Florida.

Robert Novak | November 30, 2000

"We're screwed," bemoaned one of Al Gore's political lieutenants when he learned last week that the U.S. Supreme Court had accepted the Florida recount case (though he used stronger language than that).

Wed, Nov 29, 2000

Michelle Malkin | November 29, 2000

When will the high and mighty hermits on the U.S. Supreme Court get over themselves and get with the 21st century?

David Limbaugh | November 29, 2000

Al Gore and Joe Lieberman say their motive in refusing to acknowledge their thrice-confirmed defeat is to defend the "larger principle" that every vote must count. I wonder if even one in four people believe them. If they keep this up, it won't be one in 10.

Mona Charen | November 29, 2000

Elections in a stable democracy can be exciting, contentious and even nasty, but they should never become uncertain.

Bill Murchison | November 29, 2000

If Bill Clinton were the beneficiary of Sunday's Florida vote certification, you know, of course, what we would be hearing: calls, as after the impeachment imbroglio to "move on."

William F. Buckley | November 29, 2000

Right after the declaration by Florida's secretary of state that Gov. George W. Bush of Texas was the winner of the state's electoral votes, the people in Austin raised the question:

Tue, Nov 28, 2000

Robert Novak | November 28, 2000

Old Republican hands Bob Dole and John Engler thought they had seen it all in politics, but that was before they watched votes being "counted" in south Florida.

Mon, Nov 27, 2000

Ann Coulter | November 27, 2000

It's as if the justices of the Florida Supreme Court read Oliver Wendell Holmes' stirring words about the law not consisting of a "brooding omnipresence in the sky" and about judges having "jurisdiction only to declare the law" and not "authority to make it" -- and said: "Huh? Do any of you guys know what that means?"

Thomas Sowell | November 27, 2000

"Every vote must count!" has been the magic mantra of Florida judges who are trying to give Al Gore the electoral victory that the voters failed to give him.

Debra J. Saunders | November 27, 2000

In 1981, a jury sentenced Crips gang founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams to death after he was convicted of killing four people. Williams shot an unarmed 7-Eleven teenage store clerk named Alvin Owens in the head twice during a 1979 robbery that netted $120.

William F. Buckley | November 27, 2000

The unexpected decision of the Florida court -- No, the judges ruled, they would not instruct the recalcitrant county to go back and resume (re)counting -- injected a thrill of second thought into the Republican hierarchy.

John Leo | November 27, 2000

Once again, the United States is the undisputed world champion in the creation of social victims. Here are the winners of this column's Victims of the Year competition: