Fri, Oct 20, 2000

Thomas Sowell | October 20, 2000

Despite the predictions of media pundits that Al Gore would clobber George W. Bush in televised debates, the Texas governor has at least held his own. Judging by poll results, he has actually done himself some good.

Michelle Malkin | October 20, 2000

The Mashantucket Pequots are in trouble again. And with the new controversy, an old question resurfaces: If an Indian tribe isn't really Indian, why does the federal government allow it to take advantage of special programs, legal exemptions, and enormous wealth?

Brent Bozell | October 20, 2000

Now both presidential contenders can let out huge sighs of relief. They made it through the presidential debates without the race blowing up into a foregone conclusion. But were the debates fair?

Mona Charen | October 20, 2000

To vote for Al Gore, you must believe: -- That to give people a tax cut is to "spend" their money.

Oliver North | October 20, 2000

Seventeen years ago this week, in the midst of a major crisis in the Middle East, a truck laden with explosives crashed through a wire barrier and into a building near Beirut International Airport.

Maggie Gallagher | October 20, 2000

Once again, Bush won the debate over the issue that matters most to undecided voters -- and arguably to the future of this country -- education.

Thu, Oct 19, 2000

Ann Coulter | October 19, 2000

Gore's various personalities are like the unhappy families described by Tolstoy: He's always weird, but he's weird in different ways.

Brent Bozell | October 19, 2000

Last month's devastating Federal Trade Commission report detailing how the film, recording and electronic-game industries are deliberately marketing their violent products to children has spurred certain entertainment companies to promise a few reforms.

Larry Elder | October 19, 2000

Poor Hollywood. First the Federal Trade Commission, now "Bamboozled." What's next?

Emmett Tyrrell | October 19, 2000

The present bloodshed in the West Bank and Gaza reminds me of an adventure of mine some twenty-five years ago. What made that adventure suddenly vivid in memory's eye was the TV footage of the final minutes of one of those two doomed Israeli soldiers in Ramallah.

Robert Novak | October 19, 2000

With the election in danger of slipping away, Al Gore's backers gave him the same advice for the third and final presidential debate at Washington University: be yourself.

William F. Buckley | October 19, 2000

Tony Knowles is the young, dashing Democratic governor of Alaska, and he cannot like it to be treated as an old fogey, which is what is happening. One aggressor writes in the Anchorage Daily News on Monday asking the governor to grow up on the question of Proposition 5.

Wed, Oct 18, 2000

Michelle Malkin | October 18, 2000

Boycott this! Boycott that! Fill in the blank: Grapes. Diamonds. Tobacco. Wal-Mart. Nike. Nestle. Denny's. Disney. McDonald's. Burma. Nigeria. South Africa.

Walter E. Williams | October 18, 2000

Government is on the side of the little guy, protecting him from the rich and powerful. That's what many people believe -- after all, that's the sermon preached in our schools and colleges, and parroted by politicians, particularly those of the leftist Democratic persuasion. Let's look at a couple examples, and you decide.

David Limbaugh | October 18, 2000

Al Gore's moment of a lifetime is fast approaching, and he can see it slipping through his fingers. What do you suppose he's planning to do about it?

Mona Charen | October 18, 2000

For the past eight years, Israel has indulged the fantasy that the Palestinians, under the leadership of Yasser Arafat, truly desired peace.

Debra J. Saunders | October 18, 2000

If you've seen those fatuous commercials of California state Sen. Dick Rainey, you may be rooting for him to lose his re-election bid to represent the East Bay.

Linda Chavez | October 18, 2000

Slipping in the polls, Al Gore is promising an all-out assault on George W. Bush's record in Texas in the remaining days of the election.

Phyllis Schlafly | October 18, 2000

It's hard to find an issue on which government officials are more out of touch with the American people than the matter of medical privacy, also known as the matter of electronic profiling.

Phyllis Schlafly | October 18, 2000

Jim Lehrer's Oct. 11 debate question about "hate crimes laws'' flew out of left -- I do mean left -- field and straight at the head of George W. Bush. It afforded Al the chance to posture and shine his rind for fans of this unprepossessing approach to political correctness.

Bill Murchison | October 18, 2000

Jim Lehrer's Oct. 11 debate question about "hate crimes laws'' flew out of left -- I do mean left -- field and straight at the head of George W. Bush. It afforded Al the chance to posture and shine his rind for fans of this unprepossessing approach to political correctness.

Jacob Sullum | October 18, 2000

Remember the "fairness doctrine"? Back in the 1940s, the Federal Communications Commission announced that broadcasters would be expected to provide balanced coverage of controversial topics.

Jack Kemp | October 18, 2000

What's happening in the Middle East between the Palestinians and the State of Israel is a war that did not erupt spontaneously, nor did the combatants stumble into it by accident.

Bruce Bartlett | October 18, 2000

For decades, the conventional wisdom has been that voters ultimately vote their pocketbooks when choosing a president. Never was this more apparent than in 1992, when Bill Clinton's mantra was, "It's the economy, stupid."

John Leo | October 18, 2000

News stories in The New York Times referred to the Boy Scouts as "almost un-American" and "something akin to a hate group" for refusing to allow homosexuals to become scoutmasters. Both slurs were attributed to vague, unnamed sources.

Mon, Oct 16, 2000

Ann Coulter | October 16, 2000

There have been rumblings among some social conservatives -- none too quietly by Gary Bauer on the op-ed page of The New York Times -- about George Bush and Dick Cheney selling out conservative values on the issues of gay marriage and abortion.

Thomas Sowell | October 16, 2000

It is amazing how many people who are "pro-choice" when it comes to abortion are against choice when it comes to education. Indeed, that is the official position of the Democratic Party.

David Limbaugh | October 16, 2000

I don't pretend to know what kind of guy Al Gore is apart from politics -- assuming any aspect of his personality is not tied to politics -- but concerning politics he has a real dilemma.

Debra J. Saunders | October 16, 2000

On the issue of hate crimes, the difference between Al Gore and George W. Bush could not be more clear.

Maggie Gallagher | October 16, 2000

Al Gore seems to have spawned an exciting new vocation in this debate season for voters and journalists alike: Count how many of the most unpleasant schoolyard characters can lurk inside the same wooden body.

Bruce Bartlett | October 16, 2000

Al Gore has been getting a lot of mileage lately out of claiming that George W. Bush's tax plan would give almost half its total benefits to the top 1 percent of taxpayers.

Robert Novak | October 16, 2000

George W. Bush's handlers could hardly believe their good fortune when the second presidential debate at Wake Forest University ended. Not only had their candidate emerged unscathed from two rounds battling the fearsome Al Gore.

William F. Buckley | October 16, 2000

The visit paid to Temple Mount by Gen. Ariel Sharon was widely interpreted as the flash point that brought on the apparent end of the peace process in the Middle East. Those who nurture isolationist fantasies should reflect on the repercussions.