Fri, Sep 29, 2000

Emmett Tyrrell | September 29, 2000

Are you still following NBC's coverage of the Olympics? Many sports fans are not. I sympathize. The hype is repellent ... and confusing.

Thu, Sep 28, 2000

Thomas Sowell | September 28, 2000

No group votes more solidly for the Democrats than blacks -- and no group suffers more as a result than blacks. Political spin makes Democrats the best friends of blacks, the party of civil rights laws, the party of affirmative action and the party of social programs to help the poor in general and blacks in particular.

Larry Elder | September 28, 2000

The federal government defines hate crimes as "crimes that manifest evidence of prejudice based on race, religion, sexual orientation or ethnicity, including where appropriate the crimes of murder, non-negligent manslaughter, forcible rape, aggravated assault, simple assault, intimidation, arson, and destruction, damage or vandalism of property."

William F. Buckley | September 28, 2000

There are those who give off just a little whiff of derision at the behavior of the French in the national plebiscite last Sunday. Gallic lordliness on all matters great and small isn't really sustained by the historical record.

Robert Novak | September 28, 2000

Both presidential camps were surprised as this week began that momentum, along with a modest lead, had shifted back to George W. Bush. The Republican candidate is credited with straightening out his campaign after a dismal interlude. But he must also be grateful to Al Gore.

Wed, Sep 27, 2000

Michelle Malkin | September 27, 2000

Soft. Smarmy. Self-congratulatory. No, not Oprah. I'm talking about TV coverage of the 2000 Olympics. NBC's maudlin programming has reached a new low in sports journalism, but the gold medal for worst media performance goes to the entire Team U.S.A. for hyping racial politics over athletic excellence.

Walter E. Williams | September 27, 2000

We Americans are going to pay through our noses to stay warm this winter, and we can thank our elected and unelected officials in Washington.

Brent Bozell | September 27, 2000

Despite the polling movement hither and thither on the Bush-Gore race, one thing is clear: In an election this close, the media treatment of the candidates could be the crucial factor in determining which candidate puts his hand on the Bible in January.

David Limbaugh | September 27, 2000

Lately, I have read several articles defending the media against the charge of liberal bias. Methinks the libs protesteth too much. You won't read many pieces denying a conservative bias because the accusation isn't seriously made.

Debra J. Saunders | September 27, 2000

The next few months could be the last chance for a pardon for Dorothy Gaines -- at least her last chance for a pardon before all her kids grow up.

Linda Chavez | September 27, 2000

Media bias in presidential elections is old news, but does it really matter? Will all those negative news stories about George W. Bush's verbal missteps, the flap over subliminal messages in Republican ads and press skepticism about Bush's policy proposals make a difference come election day?

Phyllis Schlafly | September 27, 2000

The claim that Al Gore invented the Internet has been a favorite target of political jokes, but Gore's role in "reinventing" the INS is no laughing matter.

Bill Murchison | September 27, 2000

"I will not go along with an agenda that is of Big Oil, by Big Oil, and for Big Oil ... " -- Al Gore.

John Leo | September 27, 2000

A startling thought is occurring to the folks who study the impact of divorce on children: A good divorce may be much worse than a bad marriage.

Bruce Bartlett | September 27, 2000

On Sept. 22, Bill Clinton announced plans to sell a small amount of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve in order to help elect Al Gore. He didn't say it that way, of course, but there is no doubt that politics, rather than policy, drove this action.

William F. Buckley | September 27, 2000

Are you up on the English Declaration of Rights and the arguments that accompanied its formulation? There was old Heneage Finch making the case for the right to own guns, in the event they should be needed to protect not against urban terrorists, but against the Crown, in 1689.

Jack Kemp | September 27, 2000

Would you rather trust Charles Schwab, Wal-Mart or L.L. Bean with your private financial information, or the government?

Tue, Sep 26, 2000

Mona Charen | September 26, 2000

My friend Melinda Sidak says that one of the nice things about being a conservative is that headlines almost never surprise you: Welfare reform does not result in widespread starvation;

Jacob Sullum | September 26, 2000

Imagine you're sitting on a bus or a train. You look up and, amid the ads for ambulance-chasing attorneys and laser-wielding dermatologists, notice a picture of two police officers.

Mon, Sep 25, 2000

Ann Coulter | September 25, 2000

I did everything I could, and it's not my fault. As a legal resident of the noble Fourth District of Connecticut -- once represented by glamorous, brilliant, smart aleck Claire Booth Luce, and currently represented by a phony, ponderous, hand-wringing pantywaist -- I tried to take out the pantywaist.

Brent Bozell | September 25, 2000

Since the first month of 1992, media coverage of Hillary Clinton has been marinated in mourning for her martyrdom.

David Limbaugh | September 25, 2000

Perhaps the next time Sen. Lieberman decides to invoke the Bible on the campaign trail he could read a passage from the Book of Exodus to his running mate Al Gore. I'm referring to the Tenth Commandment.

Oliver North | September 25, 2000

Ever since the current campaign for the White House began, I've been told by my "colleagues" in the so-called mainstream media that "nobody cares about foreign policy."

Debra J. Saunders | September 25, 2000

Many facts in this story are in dispute, but this much is clear. C. Brooks Brann and Patricia Dalby used to live together in Newport Beach, Calif..

William F. Buckley | September 25, 2000

Are you up on the English Declaration of Rights and the arguments that accompanied its formulation? There was old Heneage Finch making the case for the right to own guns, in the event they should be needed to protect not against urban terrorists, but against the Crown, in 1689.

Robert Novak | September 25, 2000

Al Gore's $75 billion energy plan, that was revised to coincide with the spike in oil prices, contains a $68 billion federal subsidy to help electric power companies make their plants environmentally friendly.

Bruce Bartlett | September 25, 2000

One of the more puzzling aspects of George W. Bush's campaign has been his apparent reluctance to attack Al Gore on energy policy. This is odd because Bush and his running mate Dick Cheney probably know more about the oil industry than any other presidential ticket in history.

Sun, Sep 24, 2000

Debra J. Saunders | September 24, 2000

Al Gore has made his share of verbal gaffes. In 1993, he needed a curator to identify the bust of George Washington when he visited Monticello. The following year, he mistranslated "e pluribus unum," as "out of one, many."