Dan Kennedy

Posted January 07, 2009

Some associates and I have recently invested capital in forming a new bank. I’m not allowed to give out its name or location here, in this column, as commercial promotion is forbidden thanks to the non-profit status of the publisher – an annoying little oddity, given that I’m writing in defense of capitalism.

Posted December 31, 2008

A fellow is ballooning in New Mexico. He miscalculates the wind, somehow floats into a wind-stream that carries him so high he passes out from lack of oxygen, then deposits him out in the middle of the desert.

Posted December 18, 2008

On Sunday, Dec. 14, “Good Morning America” devoted about 10 minutes to a segment about the theft of baby Jesus statues from nativity scenes on church lawns.

Posted December 01, 2008

Have you noticed that the media largely fail to connect the dots between related events?

Posted November 20, 2008

The news media have, for two weeks, endlessly expressed outrage at AIG’s spending. Portrayal of AIG conference as 'wine, women and song' shows ignorance of business.