Dan Kennedy

So, obviously no one dare say a charitable word about BP’s Hayward. Relieved of his oil spill management duties at Obama’s demand, Hayward took a day to play at the yacht races, a sighting the media just couldn’t get enough of showing and yammering about. Obama made the point that he can’t swim down there and do plumbing or suck up the spill with a straw – so he and Biden out playing golf while the mess worsened.

Hayward’s played with his toy boat. He can’t do the plumbing either, but he doesn’t get a pass like Obama does. It was stupid from a public relations standpoint, but I imagine that dealing with our president and our Congress convinced him nothing he could do would matter in that regard. Perhaps the deposed corporate leader was deliberately thumbing his nose at us. If so, you can’t say our leaders didn’t ask for it. It just may be a slap in our face provoked by our punches to his nose.

BP may be proven negligent or even criminally negligent, and if so, at the appropriate time, all responsible should be held accountable. But there is no evidence that Obama and Congress had to resort to thuggery behind closed doors and grandstanding in public to get BP fully engaged in remedial efforts.

Obama could have brought BP executives in 50 days ago for a tea-and-crumpets summit and talked with them (as he was so eager to do with the despot ruling Iran). He might have created a co-operative partnership, and brought forward best efforts from a united front.

Why make BP a threatened and resentful adversary rather than ally? Hopefully, it was merely to score political points with his base – a poor enough motive – and not to prolong and magnify the crisis to further his ideological pursuit of cap-and-trade, crushing energy taxes and unaffordable prices at the pump.

If there has been criminal negligence since the spill, it’s Obama’s. The media has grudgingly reported that he’s spurned offers of assistance from other nations, that federal agencies involved are poorly coordinating to the point of chaos, and expert advice has been ignored. One minute he’s claiming authority, the next he’s denying control.

Weighed against the number of the president’s golf outings, parties and fundraising jaunts since the spill, Terrible Tony’s day at the yacht club is clearly not our biggest problem.

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur and contributor to the Business & Media Institute.