Dan Kennedy

Maybe he thought the American public could be easily distracted with bread and circuses; cash for clunkers and his song 'n dance act televised daily. The problem with buying support with free hand-outs is the same as with feeding bears your box of picnic food. The bears seem friendly enough until you run out of goodies. Then they eat you. The trouble with the circus is it can't long hide something so much bigger than it. And the vast majority of Americans have not been so easily distracted or bought off. We remain alarmed at his shadow government, his massive spending binge, his international bungling, his threats against our rights and property. The Van Jones incident has shown that we can still succeed as David against his Goliath. There is hope, that yes-we-can may still turn into no-YOU-can't.

Back to Van Jones. On Fox News Sunday this week, Bill Kristol stated - accurately - that the mainstream media failed America with this story. They refused to address this until forced by bloggers, until Jones' departure already a fait accompli.

This story is about more than this one advisor's incredible collection of anti-American, anti-free enterprise, racist and downright weird viewpoints. It's about more even than the obvious, unanswered questions: What did Obama and his top team-members who chose Jones know about his background and views, and when did they know it? And if surprised by the revelations, what does that say about their competence? Or, to what extent are they in whole-hearted agreement?

The story is about the leaders in the news media. When will they get back to serving us as watchdogs? When did honest investigative journalism leave the building?

You can judge a man by those he chooses to associate with and glorify. How many more Reverend Wright and William Ayers and Van Jones need be revealed before everybody admits the truth about Obama? Tip to any remaining investigative journalists: for Woodward and Bernstein, it was "follow the money." Now it's follow the radicals who hate America, wish to destroy it, and replace it with a socialist state. "There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact," said Sherlock Holmes.

Dan Kennedy

Dan Kennedy is a serial entrepreneur and contributor to the Business & Media Institute.