Editor’s note: Townhall Deputy News Editor Daniel Doherty recently spoke with Townhall columnist and Fox News host Todd Starnes about his most recent book: God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.” The transcript from that interview is as follows.

DD: Your new book is called “God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.” In a few sentences, can you summarize what it’s about, and why you decided to write it?

TS: Well Dan, I was sitting around one day (and it wasn’t too long after Miley Cyrus did her dirty deed at the MTV Music Awards, which by the way is right in my neighborhood, I live only a few blocks away from all of that mess) and I got to thinking. I was really trying to come up with the first line – I always write the introduction last – and I think what I came up with really summarizes where we are as a country. And I wrote this: “I feel like a Duck Dynasty guy living in a Miley Cyrus world.”

DD: What exactly did you mean by that?

TS: It seems as though we live in a country now where right is wrong and wrong is right. And it’s as if the values that we’ve held as a country for generations have somehow been turned upside down. The things that made us the greatest country on the face of the earth are now considered to be reprehensible – are now considered to be hateful. In my travels around the country and in the columns that I write, there is one response that people seem to have: “We had no idea this was happening in our country.” And the fact of the matter is, outside of Fox News and Townhall and other like-minded organizations, there are not many people who are talking about, for lack of a better term, culture war issues.

DD: Religious liberty is a founding American principle enshrined in the Bill of Rights. And in your weekly columns, you write frequently about how religious freedom is often challenged and undermined in the public square. But in your view, is this a recent phenomenon unique to the Obama-era – or something that has been happening in America for many years now?