Daniel Doherty

Tomorrow the people of Massachusetts will cast their ballots in perhaps the most important and consequential Senate race of this election cycle. For more than two years, incumbent Senator Scott Brown (who won a special election in January 2010 to serve out the late Edward M. Kennedy’s ninth term in the upper chamber) has unquestionably served the Commonwealth both ably and faithfully. In fact, at a time of increased polarization and gridlock in Washington, Scott Brown has been one of only a handful of lawmakers genuinely committed to working with both political parties to move the country forward.

According to a Congressional quarterly study released in 2011, for example, Brown voted with his party 54 percent of the time, thereby distinguishing himself as “the second most bipartisan Senator in Washington.” Two salient examples include joining Democrats to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” -- a 1993 federal law that banned openly gay men and women from serving in the military -- and co-sponsoring legislation to prohibit members of Congress from engaging in Insider Trading. What’s more, he has also been recognized by Washingtonian magazine as the least partisan Senator on Capitol Hill.

Scott Brown’s track record of bipartisanship, as well as his unique across-the-aisle approach to governance, is sorely lacking but desperately needed in Washington. Solving the nation’s myriad challenges -- high unemployment, trillion-dollar-plus deficits, a broken tax code, and so on -- will require increased cooperation between Republicans and Democrats and proven bipartisan leadership in the years ahead. And as the sole GOP federal lawmaker from Massachusetts, Brown has shown -- time and again -- his willingness to cross party lines in support of good legislative ideas irrespective of where they originated.

Daniel Doherty

Daniel Doherty is Townhall's Deputy News Editor. Follow him on Twitter @danpdoherty.

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