Daniel Blomberg

In the latest act of judicial arrogance, California district court judge Vaughn Walker has overturned California’s state marriage amendment. The amendment was enacted through a successful 2008 referendum in which more than 7 million Californians affirmed marriage between one man and one woman in their state constitution. Protectmarriage.com attorneys will appeal this outrageous decision.

Those who still believe that America should be a nation of, by, and for the people agree that this ruling strikes at the heart of who we are as a people. It also provides an opportunity to bring this debate into clear focus.

Advocates for marriage between one man and one woman rely on diverse, profound, and goodwill arguments in favor of marriage. Ugly caricatures of pro-marriage Americans invented by those attacking marriage—and tragically adopted by Judge Walker—don’t hold up to examination.

Americans don’t support marriage out of a lack of respect and compassion for those who practice homosexual behavior. Accusations of bigotry and animus, made repeatedly by same-sex “marriage” activists, are an assault on the dignity of millions of honorable Americans. By and large, marriage supporters recognize that all fellow citizens, regardless of their personal choices, can be loyal friends, dedicated community leaders, and beloved sons and daughters. But Americans have many good reasons to support marriage and refuse to surrender its future.

For the entirety of the history of Western Civilization, the union of one man and one woman has stood as the cement that provides stability to societies worldwide. Same-sex relationships have never been equivalent to marriage between a man and a woman. One San Francisco judge ordering it so was an arbitrary, heavy-handed act with no other basis than a demand from a powerful activist group. Unless this is overturned, the same playbook will be used to try to institutionalize group marriages, polygamy, and every other iteration of human relationships until marriage is utterly obliterated. Polygamists are doing just that in a Canadian lawsuit right now. Americans have good cause to be concerned.

Everyone should be honest here. It is inconceivable that the authors of the Constitution intended to create a “right” to same-sex “marriage.” For accomplished attorneys like those representing the plaintiffs to argue such is just astonishing. Americans honor our Constitution and don’t appreciate it being devalued as a mere plaything to be remolded in the image of San Francisco-style radicalism.

Daniel Blomberg

Daniel Blomberg serves as litigation counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (www.telladf.org).