Dan Holler

Posted June 25, 2012

Instead of tensely waiting for the Supreme Court’s opinion on the constitutionality of Obamacare, let’s survey the political and legislative landscape for the next round of Washington absurdities.

Posted June 11, 2012

Perhaps John Edwards was right; maybe there are two Americas. In one, government-dependent Americans take to Youtube to sing about everything they can buy with their Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, i.e., food stamps. In the other, First Lady Michelle Obama appears with the head of Disney to announce that the iconic brand’s media outlets will only advertise food that “align[s] with federal standards to promote fruit and vegetables and limit calories, sugar, sodium, and saturated fat.”

Posted May 28, 2012

Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations committee turned the proud men and women of our military into a political football. During a hearing on the long-stalled Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), two top Obama administration officials constantly invoked the military a reason to ratify fatally flawed treaty.

Posted May 14, 2012

Last week, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson – America’s 32nd and 36th presidents, respectively – once again ruled the day in Washington. On back-to-back days, House Republicans joined with their Democrat colleagues to extend, expand and fund New Deal and Great Society programs.

Posted May 07, 2012

Hidden by the fog of a presidential campaign and slumping economic recovery is President Obama’s signature achievement: Obamacare.

Posted April 30, 2012

As Americans search for answers, it is increasingly clear that they cannot look toward Washington for leadership. Those who inhabit Washington can tinker with our economy for the next decade and it will do little to help you make ends meet, sell your home, find a better job or fill up your tank. In fact, it will probably make things worse.

Posted April 23, 2012

Washington’s dysfunction is usually on full display for all the world to see. Rarely, though, is the world privy to WHY Washington is so dysfunctional – at least not honestly. Last week, an inside-Washington publication held a well-attended event on transportation that inadvertently illustrated the dysfunction that defines our government.

Posted April 16, 2012

In 2010, congressional Republicans unveiled their Pledge to America. Its purpose was two-fold; first, show swing voters that they had an agenda; and second, reassure conservatives they would not repeat past mistakes, which left conservatives hungover from an era of big-government conservatism that included everything from earmarks and disastrous highway bills to Medicare Part D and No Child Left Behind.

Posted April 09, 2012

For months, President Obama and his political team have worked to frame the November election as a choice. Their motivation for doing so is understandable, as the other option – a public referendum on their record – is likely to end in their defeat.

Posted April 02, 2012

President Obama’s hot mic moment defined his trip to South Korea and may very well define his reelection bid.

Posted March 26, 2012

Soaring gas prices pose a major electoral vulnerability to a President so damaged he refused to celebrate the two year anniversary of his marquee domestic accomplishment. That is why, for the past several weeks, President Obama and his administration have been in damage control mode.

Posted March 19, 2012

There are two Americas. No, I am not adopting occupy-style rhetoric that pits one group of Americans against another. What I am talking about is the fundamental difference between America’s entrepreneurial private sector and America’s cumbersome public sector.

Posted March 12, 2012

Washington logic will be on full display in the United States Senate this week. Senators – ranging from the most liberal to the most conservative (by some measures anyway) – will hem and haw about how outrageous federal subsidies are for a certain industry, and then they will turn around and vote for subsidies for a different industry.

Posted March 05, 2012

With her retirement announcement, Maine’s Olympia Snowe sent shockwaves through the Washington Establishment. The chattering class went through the normal exercise, decrying how partisan politics had driven away yet another “moderate” and boldly predicting the demise of the Republican Party.

Posted February 27, 2012

During the summer of 2008, gas prices soared above $4 per gallon for the first time in our nation’s history. A few months later, the United States economy plunged into the abyss, as high gas prices rippled through the economy and undermined consumer confidence. When combined with the financial collapse, it was a recipe for disaster.

Posted February 20, 2012

On the heels of last week’s payroll tax deal, Washington pundits began asking whether the Party of No was dead. As is often the case, the professional pundits have it all wrong. The Party of No is alive and well.

Posted February 06, 2012

Congress will take center stage for the next couple of weeks as the spotlight recedes from the presidential primary process. The opening act is a tragedy about a party drifting away from its small government roots.

Posted January 30, 2012

I did not want to say it, but President Obama made me: I told you so!

Posted January 23, 2012

The media, the occupiers, and others engaging in “the bitter politics of envy” have it all wrong. If they were concerned with anything other than dividing Americans and punishing success, their full attention would be on the 21%, not the 1%.

Posted January 16, 2012

Americans understand that this summer’s debt deal was baloney. They know the Washington Establishment is incapable of doing the right thing now, which is why they do not trust promises that stretch over the next decade.