Crystal Wright

Examples of Santorum’s out of touch message are numerous. Instead of talking about job creation, Santorum told people of Puerto Rico during a campaign stop there that they need to make English their official language before the gain statehood. Well, Congress should declare English the nation’s official language before we start telling states to do the same thing. Then there was Santorum’s comment that John F. Kennedy’s 1960 speech assuring voters he wouldn’t govern with his religious beliefs as a Catholic made him want to “puke.” Let’s not forget his comment about birth control being harmful to women. Women whether pro-choice or pro-life are smart enough to ascertain what’s harmful to them and don’t need Preacher Rick telling them what choices to make. What turns many Republicans away from Santorum is his obsession with social issues which isn’t what this campaign is about.

Enter Ann Romney who explained to CNN’s Piers Morgan during a recent interview, when women approach her on the campaign trail they aren’t concerned about issues like contraception, they’re concerned about jobs. That’s exactly what Romney is talking about on the campaign trail along with Obama’s failed record of government over reach and massive debt. Aside from trying to peddle the ridiculous notion that you don’t need to raise tons of money to run for president (Obama raised $700 million in 2008 and won), Santorum showed his real tragic flaw as a candidate when he said Romney is just going to be Obama lite so we may as well stick with what we got. No Rick, while Romney needs to unequivocally reject Romneycare, he is no Obama and doesn’t believe drowning the country in regulations and higher taxes will create jobs.

But during a visit this weekend to Wisconsin, Santorum punctuated his desperation and unfitness to serve as the GOP presidential nominee when he said Romney is “the worst Republican in the country to put up against Barack Obama.” In making this, Santorum cast himself as the biggest flip-flopper in this race, who will turn on one of his own and thereby the party to save his sinking ship. What conservative in their right mind would trust Rick now? Saint Santorum is preaching to a small choir of conservatives and the rest of us are tuning out his sermons. Bye, bye Rick, you will be denied the nomination!

Crystal Wright

Crystal Wright is a black conservative woman living in Washington, D.C. Some would say she is a triple minority: woman, black and a Republican living in a Democrat dominated city. By day, Crystal is a communications consultant and editor and publisher of the new website, Ms. Wright holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Georgetown University and a Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre from Virginia Commonwealth University.