Colin Hanna

Thankfully, Congressman Ryan’s “Pathway to Prosperity” presents another vision for Medicare, one modeled on the Congressional health plan that independent polling consistently shows Americans think they should have access to. Well here’s their opportunity as Ryan’s reform provides future seniors with the same premium support that empowers them to choose among a wide variety of Medicare-sponsored health policies and select the one that fits their needs and their desires.

When voters are presented with the choice of these two futures, one where patients choose their own health care or one where bureaucrats choose their health care, which choice do you think they will make?

Of course the vast majority will choose the former and thus, that’s how Republicans must contrast the two Medicare reform plans if they wish to win the day, a fight they are presently losing.

Critically, this same debate extends beyond IPAB and is at the crux of almost all of our debates today: will we have a future where people control their own lives or have one where government bureaucrats do. Most notably, it’s also seen in the other ObamaCare debate over whether government should be able to force Americans to violate their conscience by mandating the purchase of products they are morally opposed to. This November, the American people will have an opportunity to determine whether to continue down the latter road or turn on down to the former. Let’s hope they make the right choice.

Colin Hanna

Colin A. Hanna is President of Let Freedom Ring USA, Inc., a non-profit public policy organization committed to promoting Constitutional government, free enterprise and traditional values.