Clinton W. Taylor

Yale is in a dilemma. It made a huge, indefensible blunder when it admitted the senior advisor to Mullah Omar as a special student, and now it’s taking hits from students, from alumni, and from the media. 

How can Yale spin its way out of this one? They have at their fingertips an invaluable resource, someone who made a career of defending the indefensible. In fact, this PR flack extraordinaire was so successful that he was reportedly on the fast track to become the Taliban’s next foreign minister. Unfortunately for Yale, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi isn’t talking.

Others are taking up for Yale, but the results aren’t convincing anyone. Let’s take a look at some of the excuses offered on Yale’s behalf.

The Non-partisan Defense

Yale officials don’t like all the politics surrounding Mr. Rahmatullah’s admission. According to Yale Herald reporter Yotam Barkai, who interviewed some of Yale’s brass, they “believe that alumni donations should not be used as a form of political activism.”

“Oftentimes, the people who are most generous understand the University well and they know that we are an educational, not a political institution,” Yale’s Vice President for Development Inge Reichenbach told the Herald. 

Yale College Dean Peter Salovey added, “What is remarkable about our alumni is they continue to be generous even when something happens on campus with which they might not agree.”

Funny, because I believe that college admissions should not be “used as a form of political activism”. Especially political activism that supports our enemy’s officials during a live, shooting war. In fact, it takes an amazing degree of gall for Yale administrators to make such a blatantly political admissions decision, and then to blame the alumni for politicizing the process. 

The Jim Sleeper Defense

Yale lecturer in Political Science Jim Sleeper has hinted darkly that there is some intelligence/CIA angle on the Boola Boola Mullah’s presence at Yale. In an open letter to the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund, who has been doggedly investigating this issue, Sleeper urges him:

Clinton W. Taylor

Clint Taylor is a '96 Yale alumnus and is tracking the story of the Yale Taliban on Townhall's blog Nail Yale.

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