Clinton W. Taylor

If you do have some connection with Yale, please tell them so in your letter and explain that you are withholding your donations until they end the disgrace of allowing America’s unrepentant enemy an opportunity which thousands of smart, deserving kids in Afghanistan, America or anywhere, who have been studying diligently instead of shilling for a brutal regime of retrograde, misogynist, terrorist-abetting, drug-running, Buddha-blasting, gay-murdering, freedom-hating tyrants, never received. 

Feel free to point out the hyprocrisy of Yale’s decision to admit Sayeed Rahmatullah Hashemi, who supported a regime that killed homosexuals, stoned women, tortured/killed many, and destroyed Buddhas, even though Yale keeps ROTC off campus and files briefs with the Supreme Court protesting the military’s right to recruit on campus.

Most importantly, send your money somewhere else. While Yale made a choice to embrace an unapologetic supporter of a regime which oppressed women and sheltered Osama bin Laden, we prefer to aid organizations that support the troops who defeated that barbarous regime. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Children of Fallen Soldiers Relief Fund: provides college grants and financial assistance to surviving children and spouses of U.S. military service members who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Operation Hero Miles: allows you to donate your unused airline miles so troops/family members can fly for free.
  • Valour-it: provides wounded soldiers with voice-activated laptops while they are hospitalized.
  • The Fisher House: a home for the families of seriously ill or injured soldiers receiving treatment .
  • Or for those of you of a feminist inclination, consider the Fern L. Holland Charitable Trust.

Whatever you do, let us hear about it at We’ll try to collect the best responses for a future column.

In the long term, all college alumni need to think carefully about the board of trustees at their college and the values they espouse. Are they likely to recruit a Taliban leader while treating ROTC cadets like second class citizens? With the backlash the decision to bring Mr. Rahmatullah to campus is producing, Yale’s board is ripe for a change. Let’s hope such a change occurs before they rewrite the old Yale songs for good.

A note to liberal readers: participation in this campaign does not make you a Republican. This isn’t a referendum on the war or an endorsement of George Bush. It ought not to be a partisan issue. This is a condemnation of the barbaric Taliban and of Yale’s hearty welcome for their evangelist. So join us in "nailing Yale," and let’s make Mr. Rahmatullah feel as welcome at Yale as a Jewish transvestite lingerie salesman would feel in the Taliban-era Kandahar that Sayeed Rahmatullah Hashemi is so gosh-darn proud of.


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Clinton W. Taylor

Clint Taylor is a '96 Yale alumnus and is tracking the story of the Yale Taliban on Townhall's blog Nail Yale.

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