Cliff May

Posted February 11, 2015

Obama's 'secret strategy' accommodates the leading sponsor of terrorism.

Posted February 04, 2015

Actually, there are a few who richly deserve criticism.

Posted January 28, 2015

A country where terrorists and gangsters get away with murder

Posted January 21, 2015

Experienced negotiators know this: The side most willing to walk away from the table generally wins. The side that seems desperate for a deal loses. Yet President Obama is telling the entire world that he needs an agreement with Irans rulers more than they need an agreement with him.

Posted January 14, 2015

A quarter-century of Western fecklessness led from the former to the latter.

Posted January 08, 2015

The French emperors war against an Islamic empire is instructive.

Posted December 17, 2014

We also need coercive interrogations short of torture

Posted December 03, 2014

Turkey should have been part of the solution. Instead its become part of the problem. The problem, of course, is the spread of jihadism throughout the Middle East, North Africa and beyond.

Posted November 26, 2014

Israel's enemies are as barbaric as any in the Middle East.

Posted November 19, 2014

Negotiations with Iran are set to conclude on Nov. 24th. What are the odds they will end with Irans rulers agreeing to verifiably dismantle their illicit nuclear weapons program? Id wager 100 to one against that outcome but I doubt Id find a bookie willing to take my bet.

Posted November 12, 2014

The revolution is over. When journalists at The Economist, one of the worlds most influential publications, run that headline on a cover story, a special report on the new Iran, you assume they have solid evidence to support their thesis.

Posted November 05, 2014

A $1 billion planned city under construction in the rugged hills of the West Bank 15 miles north of Jerusalem, Rawabi is the largest private-sector undertaking in Palestinian history.

Posted October 29, 2014

Joshua Muravchik, a fellow at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced Studies, has been studying the growth of anti-Israelism. He presents his analysis in a cogent and valuable book: Making David into Goliath: How the World Turned Against Israel.

Posted October 22, 2014

Are the cast, crew and fans of Homeland -- Showtimes television series about a brilliant but neurotic CIA agent Islamophobes?

Posted October 15, 2014

In 2011, President Obama cited R2P as his primary justification for using military force to prevent Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi from attacking the opposition stronghold of Benghazi.

Posted October 08, 2014

In theory, we Americans are great proponents of diversity. In practice, how many of us stop to seriously consider the meaning of the word?

Posted October 01, 2014

Weakening the Islamic State while strengthening the Islamic Republic would be a blunder of historic proportions.

Posted September 24, 2014

I imagine James Bond is relieved. After all, one cant very well be On Her Majestys Secret Service if one is no longer Her Britannic Majestys subject which one would not be had a majority of Scots voted for independence, thereby severing the knot Scotland and England tied 307 years ago.

Posted September 17, 2014

God created war, theorized Mark Twain, so that Americans would learn geography.

Posted September 11, 2014

Do not call what happened 13 years ago this week a tragedy. It was a terrorist atrocity, an act of war and a war crime. Very different.