Chuck Norris

I'm interrupting my series on Common Core State Standards for public schools to join the appeal to Iran and North Korea for the release of American hostages like imprisoned American pastor Saeed Abedini and missionary Kenneth Bae. And I'm also calling upon President Obama and Congress to step up their action, stand for religious freedom and fight for the release of these godly men, whose crimes were nothing more than exercising their faith.

For those who haven't followed the news on these men of the cloth, pastor Abedini was sentenced to eight years by an Iranian court last January for starting house churches in the 2000s, an era in which they weren't even regarded as a threat to Iran's security.

This past week, Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of pastor Abedini, was in Washington appealing to Congress because President Obama severely dropped the ball by negotiating nuclear energy for Iran without seeking a simple reciprocating act of goodwill by the release of pastor Abedini and two other American hostages: former marine Amir Hekmati and patriot Robert Levinson.

The Obama administration also hasn't done diddly to seek the release of Kenneth Bae in North Korea, a Christian missionary based in China. Bae gave tours into surrounding countries but in November 2012 was arrested by North Korean officials and found guilty of "'hostile acts' and attempts to topple the government," according to CNN.

Bae was sentenced to 15 years hard labor and "recently became the longest known American detainee in North Korea since the end of the Korean War," according to International Christian Concern and

What value or use is it if America embodies freedom and liberty, yet its government does nothing to fight for its imprisoned freedom fighters around the world?

The fact is that doing nothing to release U.S. citizens imprisoned abroad not only drives the dagger deeper into their and their families' hearts, but it emboldens crooked and controlling governments around the world and cripples America's future generations. It defers and heaps a greater burden upon our posterity to fight for America's freedoms and even enjoy risk-free travel in the world.

Chuck Norris

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