Chuck Norris

We are grateful for all the sacrifices of our nation's veterans and courageous men and women serving in the U.S. military, who continue to secure our liberty and keep our nation safe.

We thank God we live in a land of opportunity, where each of us is free to develop our individual talents and embrace our entrepreneurial spirit.

We're grateful for our good health, our jobs, warm clothing, protective shelter and nourishing food. We're thankful that we're fortunate enough to have these things, so we're able to show compassion and care for those among us who don't.

We thank God for helping us practice humility, patience, kindness and forgiveness.

Most importantly -- especially in these troubling times -- we're thankful that God is always in control.

Let's not get caught up in the material trappings of the holidays and forget to give thanks just because Thanksgiving Day is behind us. This Christmas season, I challenge you to greet every day with a thankful and giving heart.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a columnist and impossible to kill.