Chuck Norris

Folks, we are at a crossroads this election. We could elect a president who would keep us on a losing streak, Obama, or we could elect a president who has the expertise to get us on a winning streak, Romney. Boy, is that a no-brainer!

I am a martial artist first and an actor second. I am definitely not a politician. I'll leave that to experienced people like Romney.

So I am going to evaluate this election as a martial artist. I am a 10th-degree grandmaster and have studied the martial arts for more than 50 years -- 15 of those years as a fighter and instructor, teaching thousands of students before going into the film business.

I was also able to achieve great success as a martial arts fighter and, through years of dedication and hard work, became a world champion. Why am I telling you all of this? Because Mitt Romney is that same kind of fighter. With his business acumen, he would be successful in turning our country around for a brighter future.

Romney is an incredibly successful businessman, which means he would focus on job growth and get small business up and running again. In a bipartisan fashion, Romney was very successful as the governor of Massachusetts. And he turned a failing Olympics around and made it one of the most successful Olympics in years. Most importantly, he and his wife, Ann, donate about 30 percent of their income to charity -- more than Obama and Vice President Joe Biden combined.

So if I were going to promote Romney to a belt rank based on all of his qualifications, it would be a black belt.

Now let's look at Obama's record. I already have mentioned a couple of his failures. Obama's failures are even more apparent when we look at his extremely limited background in the private sector and his complete lack of experience in running a business. That lack of experience means he doesn't fully appreciate the following:

1) Accountability to American consumers, employees and investors.

2) Balancing budgets, maximizing revenue and closely monitoring spending (at the risk of sinking your company if you fail).

3) Long hours, hard work and great personal investment with merely keeping a business afloat.

4) Intense competition with other businesses in the private market.

5) High personal risk and no taxpayer-funded safety net or bailout if your business flops.

6) A devastating impact from soaring tax hikes and government regulations on your ability to stay in business.

7) A solid understanding of free market principles and job creation strategies.

So, after evaluating all of Obama's qualifications, I would promote him to white belt, as I would all beginners. And I'm sure that if, God forbid, he were to get re-elected, at the end of four years he still would be a white belt.

Folks, Obama is the chief executive of our great nation. Without a firm understanding of these principles, how could he lead America back from the brink of economic collapse and even more widespread unemployment?

I will admit that Obama is a gifted speaker and very charismatic, but he is just not a leader, and our economy would only get worse in the next four years if he were to be re-elected. I'm not going to bring up all the things he has lied about. All I'm going to say is that a president who is dishonest with the American people does not deserve a second term.

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a columnist and impossible to kill.