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-- "Newt Mocks (CNBC journalist's) 'Funny' Defense of the Liberal Media."

-- "CNN Spins Elections as Republican Setback."

-- "ABC and CBS Spike Ohioans Rejection of ObamaCare Mandate, NBC Sees Voter Call for 'Restraint."

The Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs even confessed that big business monies funneled via the MSM molds and directs the public's social and political viewpoints: "The summits of American business now control or powerfully influence the major media that create American public opinion."

The fact is that the primary networks -- ABC, CBS and NBC -- and their smaller cable channels are owned and financed by an interlocking network of corporate conglomerates and controlled by progressive and politically biased proprietors. Billionaire moguls like George Soros are using millions and millions of dollars not to ensure the second coming or election of President Obama but also to carry out a greater goal of chipping away the very foundations of our republic.

Just a few months ago, Media Research Center's Dan Gainor exposed globalist George Soros' financial connections to MSM and his funding of $52 million to influence and direct journalism in the national networks. Or do you think it's merely a coincidence that Soros has ties to over 30 major news organizations, including The New York Times, The Associated Press, The Washington Post, NBC and ABC, and yet no one hears anything from those networks about his behind-the-scenes finagling and financing?

It fascinates me that Occupiers hate the rich cats unless they help finance their cause or rally at their sides, like George Soros and Michael Moore.

It prompts one to wonder: Why haven't such power relations been reported by the MSM? And would they be so silent if the correlations were between such agents of control and the tea party?

For example, even with its liberal bent, just verified last Thursday that Vice President Joe Biden's attorney son, Robert Hunter Biden, was retained for years to "undertake some lobbying efforts on behalf of Brookfield Office Properties," which just happens to own Zuccotti Park in New York, where the Occupiers rally their national movement. also verified that New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's live-in girlfriend, Diana L. Taylor, is on the board of directors of Brookfield Office Properties.

And just two months ago in September, the federal government's Department of Energy guaranteed a stimulus "loan" of $168.9 million to Brookfield Asset Management, which is a parent company of Brookfield Office Properties.

But I'm sure those local and Washington governmental associations with Occupy Wall Street are all just coincidental and inconsequential, right?

(In Part 2, during Thanksgiving week, I'll detail George Soros' most recent covert "investment" in the 2012 Obama presidential campaign and detail much further his collective goal and master plan with the MSM and the White House itself.)

Chuck Norris

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