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If that is the case, Obama will cruise in and be re-elected.

And if a bloody primary and insufficient campaign funds don't dash to the wind the Republican nominee's chances, then third-party candidates (who will be hailed as constitutionalists or having some other unique quality) will split the conservative votes, and we won't stand a chance to prevent the majority from re-electing Obama. Did we learn nothing from the 1992 Ross Perot and 1996 Bob Dole political fiascoes and divides?

With no clear front-runner who has the "weight and strength" of Obama, isn't it relatively easy to see the outcome if we engage now in political business as usual? As Huckabee noted during his speech, only once since 1868 has a party been ousted from the presidency after one term. (Do we really believe 2012 will see the second time, with President Obama vs. one of the present Republican candidates?)

Radical times call for new and radical measures. So let's try this on for size: What if the Republican candidates got together and, all egos aside, decided to unify and create a collective force that could annihilate the Obama machine because they would offer a team (Cabinet) of experts and leaders? They purport to be able to be the leaders of our divided political landscape; let's see whether they have the leadership to rally us together (SET ITAL) before (END ITAL) they are elected. If they were willing to serve in a presidential Cabinet rather than in the supreme position, that sure would show their willingness to serve our country.

Then they would recommend to us (by vote?) who would be best-suited among them to out-debate and defeat Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. And they couldn't vote for themselves. Maybe it would be someone not even among them yet. The others would have significant positions in the Cabinet so as to help lead our country back on the right path. As the acronym TEAM explains, "together everyone achieves more."

I realize the obstacles these candidates face to overcome their egos and unify as "team leaders," but what alternative do we have?

This is the way we can use our conservative jujitsu to overpower our opponents, Obama and Biden, and prevail in our political combat.

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Chuck Norris

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