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But the ragtag army of delegates pushing for global gun-ban "harmonization" -- many representing despots, human rights violators and tin-pot dictators, by the way -- simply bided their time. In 2009, they got the U.S. president they wanted, and new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wasted no time changing the red flag to green.

Now the U.N. cabal is back to drafting a proposed "arms trade treaty" filled with global disarmament mandates. The president can sign treaties, but they must be ratified by the Senate. So only the Senate can keep the citizens of our unsuspecting nation from having the Second Amendment stripped from our Bill of Rights. If you live in one of the 38 states hosting a Senate election this year, consider that when you're deciding on whom to support with your ballot.

Closer to home, anti-hunting groups have found a backdoor route for a total ban on traditional ammunition. They quietly have filed a petition with the Environmental Protection Agency demanding a ban on lead ammunition and fishing sinkers. And they just may succeed.

The EPA released the petition for public comment just a few weeks ago. A quick 48 hours later, the agency reversed course and announced it would not pursue the ban on ammo. But that's not the end of the story. The anti-hunting groups that filed the petition have filed an official protest of this turnaround by the EPA.

I'm not the only one urging people to register and vote. My good friend Bubba Bechtol just released one of his daily "Bubbatorials" on the subject, and you can listen to it online. It, too, is very funny.

To check the Second Amendment credentials of the candidates running in your state or district, bookmark this site and check back often for updates.

Whatever your motivation may be, register to vote -- now. The deadlines are approaching fast. And on Election Day, cast an informed ballot to protect our Second Amendment rights. Vote Freedom First.

Chuck Norris

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