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The surprise victory of Christine O'Donnell in Delaware's U.S. Senate primary confirms what we've suspected all year: This year's critical midterm elections are going to bring real change to Congress. And it won't be the kind of change favored by the "hope and change" crowd; at least I hope not.

I've been taking every possible opportunity this year to talk about the importance of voting in these elections. In May, I visited the National Rifle Association's annual meeting and talked about how just about everything -- from U.N. treaties to Supreme Court decisions -- is affected by the power of the vote. You can see that speech on YouTube.

The subject is so important to me that I agreed to serve as honorary chairman of the "Trigger The Vote" voter registration campaign, which is funded by the NRA's Freedom Action Foundation. We recently shot a new TV commercial for the campaign, and you can see the Web spot here. I hope you'll take a look. The ad is very comical and has gotten a great reaction from the left and the right alike.

Now, a few people have scratched their heads at the humor in the spot. I'm noticing that those people are generally older and already registered to vote, which underscores the fact that this ad is not targeted at them. The ad is targeted at the members of the younger generation who aren't registered to vote. I call this generation the millennials, and the humor in the spot is right up their alley. If you want them to hear your message, you have to speak their language.

The proof is in the pudding. Since the ad debuted, the main campaign website has been racking up new voter registrations by the thousands. Now these newly minted defenders of freedom can join our ranks on Election Day to help take back our government. I welcome them to the battle.

What are the stakes? They're huge. Our current president has said himself that he's more interested in accomplishing his agenda than in being re-elected. Once these midterms are over, the White House will be politically unleashed to wreak havoc by pushing the most extreme policy agenda that its self-appointed social engineers can devise. If you think Obamacare was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Consider just a few of the policy items coming up on the Second Amendment front. Since 2001, the United Nations has been working to develop a global gun control treaty. Right at the get-go, John Bolton (George W. Bush's ambassador to the U.N.) poured cold water on that idea in a fiery speech that ignited world condemnation.

Chuck Norris

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