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"10. Speaking to Muslim World From Turkey." This should be the No. 1 non-faith, or secular, moment of Obama's first 100 days, for he skirted our religious makeup and heritage.

If my math is correct regarding this U.S. News & World Report article, the preceding "10 Most Important Obama Faith Moments" include two instances in which Obama encouraged Muslim relations and Islam around the world, two cases in which he increased the number of terminations of human lives, one nonreligious speaking engagement he committed to making at a university, two acts of his that promoted community development, six events of his that included invocations, and one instance in which religious soot was seen on the forehead of the vice president.

Makes me wonder what U.S. News & World Report means by "most important" and "faith moment." "Most important" for whom? U.S. News & World Report? The left? And what does "faith moment" mean? "Religious moment"? "Secular moment"? "Muslim moment"?

It's strange how or why the magazine left out of its list that Obama proposed to limit tax deductions for charitable contributions. And what about Obama's request for Georgetown University to cover a monogram symbolizing Jesus' name when he gave an economic speech there?

I can think of a title that suits the majority of entries in this article much better: "10 Most Important Obama Faith

Mashings." (I wonder whether U.S. News & World Report or any other major news magazine would run that article or my op-ed?)

Regardless of where one lands on Obama's religious actions, there's a real faith moment coming up this week, and we need it more than ever. It's the 58th annual National Day of Prayer, Thursday, May 7, with events in your neighborhood. It could be one of your and America's most important faith moments this year.

Chuck Norris

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