Chuck Norris

— He has the longest and largest executive experience running government among GOP candidates — three years as lieutenant governor and 11 years as governor of the state of Arkansas — more experience than even Bill took into office.

— Hillary can't belittle Huck's origins because they are the Clintons' origins, too — Bill and Mike both governors, both from Hope, Ark.

— Mike has far more passion and personality than Hillary, and he is the only one who can persuasively outlast, outplay and outwit her in any debating ring or campaign arena.

— Mike has a record she can't punch. She can't even swing at the false allegations against Mike on immigration, taxes or pardons, primarily because the Clinton legacy has a record of condoning illegals, raising taxes, and releasing criminals!

Though I'm sure Bill is now regretting the compliment he offered Huckabee when Mike was nowhere near the top tier of candidates, let me remind the world. Bill said Mike was the "only dark horse that's got any kind of chance. … He's the best speaker they've got."

The fact is Mike is the best opponent to fight Hillary because most of all, as he has reminded us on many occasions, "I already have taken on the Clinton machine, and I've beaten it twice."

The only resource Clinton has that could combat Mike is more money, and in this ring, we all know the muscle in that fist. But we can prevent that, and we must do it by financially joining Mike's army before it's too late.

So can a man who was raised in a poor background from Hope, Ark., become governor then president? As Mike says, "Our country has already proven that!" What I would ask is: Give Hope another chance! This time they want to send in the real cavalry.

Keep Hope alive! Join my wife Gena and me in electing Mike Huckabee!

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is a columnist and impossible to kill.