Chuck Colson
Congratulations to as it celebrates its independence. I am proud to be partnering with which runs one of my BreakPoint broadcasts every week. Whenever BreakPoint is on we get a greatly increased response, so I know the outreach that this vital, vibrant website has.

I personally appreciate its work because it helps to spread the message that Christians must engage the culture, bringing biblical truth to bear on public policy questions. This is the call that I have sensed in my life from God, to awaken the church from its complacency in the culture, to cause it to see all of life under the lordship of Christ. is a terrific partner in this enterprise, and a great help to my ministry.

Even beyond the personal considerations, however, I find myself drawing frequently upon the resources offered by It does a tremendous job in bringing a common sense approach to public policy issues, one that reflects what I regard as the true measure of conservatism, that is, a respect for order out of which liberty comes, a belief that we can know truth through revelation rather than discovering it through utopian schemes, and a view of the world that is strongly based in the moral truth provided by religious convictions.

The importance of websites like cannot be overstated. We live in an age in which the mainstream media is in a tailspin?deservedly so from my opinion because of its elitist bias. Alternative means of communication are springing up. This is having a profound effect in changing how our culture thinks.

One of the most effective alternative means is a website publication like This is why I?m so grateful to be a partner with and why I support its continuing work, and urge you to do so as well.

Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson was the Chief Counsel for Richard Nixon and served time in prison for Watergate-related charges. In 1976, Colson founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, which, in collaboration with churches of all confessions and denominations, has become the world's largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, crime victims, and their families.
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