Chuck Colson

I thought about Stein?s column in light of the third anniversary of the vicious terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 . That day we saw the kind of heroism Stein celebrates. There were firemen who, as others rushed out of the World  Trade  Center towers, rushed in. We saw police on the scene keeping order, risking their lives. There were the passengers of United Flight 93 who died fighting back, thus preventing the plane from crashing into the White House or Congress. We saw the heroism of doctors, nurses, EMTs, construction workers, ministers, and blood donors who rushed to help.

We learned something about heroism that day, but the passage of time since has taken the edge off the lesson. We again seem to care more about who?s at Morton?s, or who the latest heartthrob is, or our matinee idols than about our troops trying to keep peace in the swirl of Middle Eastern violence.

I agree with Stein. It?s high time we started to recognize who the ?real stars? are. And this sobering anniversary is an opportunity to do just that.

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Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson was the Chief Counsel for Richard Nixon and served time in prison for Watergate-related charges. In 1976, Colson founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, which, in collaboration with churches of all confessions and denominations, has become the world's largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, crime victims, and their families.
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