Chuck Colson

The gay lobby immediately hailed the decision as the prelude to gay marriage. Of course! As Justice Scalia said in his dissent, this decision "effectively decrees the end of all morals legislation." Well, will the media apologize to Santorum? They ought to. Will they lobby now to reinstate the Catholic priests who are pedophiles? After all, much of that was "consensual." Hardly.

What we can hope and pray for is nothing less than a miracle—that two sensible judges will be appointed to join Scalia, Thomas, and Rehnquist. Please, Lord, may it happen.

For further reading:

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Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson was the Chief Counsel for Richard Nixon and served time in prison for Watergate-related charges. In 1976, Colson founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, which, in collaboration with churches of all confessions and denominations, has become the world's largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, crime victims, and their families.
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