Chuck Colson

Great music provides us with a glimpse of transcendence. It is a gift from God, which is why the Bach violin works that St. John played were signed SDG—soli Deo gloria—by their composer.

And it is why Christians should be outraged by this crass marketing approach—not only because it is another example of our culture's obsession with sex, but also because it is another example of our culture's inability to recognize what's worthwhile, trading the exhilaration of great music for the titillation of plunging necklines.

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Chuck Colson

Chuck Colson was the Chief Counsel for Richard Nixon and served time in prison for Watergate-related charges. In 1976, Colson founded Prison Fellowship Ministries, which, in collaboration with churches of all confessions and denominations, has become the world's largest outreach to prisoners, ex-prisoners, crime victims, and their families.
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