Christopher Merola

Think of the havoc these liberal activists will thrust upon the American people. Our Constitutional liberties have been placed in jeopardy by the existing liberal judges thus far. One hundred more on the federal courts and three more on the Supreme Court will make the Kelo vs. New London case look tame. This explains why the Democrat controlled Senate is holding up a significant number of President Bush’s judicial nominees. They are hoping to fill those vacancies with Barack Obama’s potential nominees.

During the last two years of President Bush’s term in office, only 10 of his Circuit Court nominations have been confirmed. During President Clinton’s last two years in office, 15 of his Circuit Court nominations were confirmed. Jimmy Carter had 44 of his nominations confirmed in his last two years in office.

The average number of days for these judges to be confirmed is also staggering. President Bush’s Circuit Court nominations have had to wait an average of 350 days to be confirmed. Bill Clinton’s Circuit Court nominees had to wait an average of 238 days to be confirmed. Jimmy Carter’s judicial nominations had to wait 69 days on average.

Can we see the writing on the wall? Allowing Barack Obama to become president, along with a greater Democrat majority in the Senate, will have serious ramifications. The Obama court nominees, once confirmed, will dramatically increase their writing law from the bench – in obvious violation of their Constitutional powers.

Just this past year, the Supreme Court upheld the right to keep and bear arms by a meager 5-4 decision. All nine justices should have voted in favor of upholding the second amendment, but four did not. That means “we the people” are only one Supreme Court judge away from losing the right to defend our life, liberty and property.

With Barack Obama’s liberal activist judges on the Supreme Court, we could see a drastic rewriting of the second amendment. By judicial decree, a Barack Obama appointed Supreme Court can easily redefine the meaning of marriage as state courts have done, in full defiance of the will of the American people. Obama has already stated that he desires to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

This is serious business. Barack Obama’s radical views will more than likely manifest themselves through his judicial appointments. It is safe to say that electing Barack Obama as president is literally courting disaster.

Christopher Merola

Christopher Merola is the President of Red Momentum Strategies, LLC, a conservative political strategy and communications company in Washington, DC.