Charlotte Hays

Having recently authored a book entitled When Did White Trash Become the New Normal?, I have a special insight into what is going on here: ObamaCare is promoting trashy behavior. College kids have always engaged in risky behavior, sexual or otherwise, but ObamaCare is the first government program (to my knowledge) that has sought to encourage and abet trashy conduct on campus.

You can’t escape the moral hazard of ObamaCare by being of a mature age, however.

One of the satisfying aspects of life is being responsible for yourself—pulling your own weight. But that was before ObamaCare. Nicole Hopkins recounts in Thursday’s Wall Street Journal how “ObamaCare forced mom into Medicaid.

This is not to cast aspersions on people who are on Medicaid. But Hopkins’ mother, Charlene Hopkins, was self-reliant before ObamaCare. Mrs. Hopkins paid her own health insurance premium of $276 a month, though it was a stretch. After her plan was cancelled, she entered her financial data on her state’s health care website (being able to use the website shows what a plucky woman she must be!) and the only option was Medicaid.

Five years of an administration that promotes government dependency was not able to stamp out Charlene Hopkins’ old-fashioned value of self-reliance. “How has it come to this?” the distressed woman asked her daughter. “How have I fallen this far?”

If the ObamaCare is allowed to continue, such sentiments will one day in the near future be incomprehensible.

At a time when the impact of single-parent households on children is becoming hideously obvious, ObamaCare also offers financial incentives for people to remain single or live together unmarried. A joint income from a married couple is more likely to exceed the income level that guarantees subsidies. A recent article in the Atlantic Monthly spotlighted a couple who were contemplating divorce to get affordable health insurance. To echo Mrs. Hopkins question: “How has it come to this?”

ObamaCare is the “Life of Julia” insurance system. “Julia” was the fictional woman in the Obama 2012 campaign infomercial who lived a life of cradle-to-grave government dependency. Forget the financial disaster ObamaCare will wreak. The moral collapse it fosters is more of a concern.

Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs at the Independent Women's Forum.