Charlotte Hays

Recently we encountered the phenomenon of a terrorist family with EBT cards and living in Section 8 housing! There is now a record 23 million households in the U.S. receiving food stamps. Only they aren’t called food stamps anymore. In the District of Columbia, where I live, for example, the food stamp program is called DC Hunger Solutions. Let me be clear—I don’t begrudge the genuinely poor or disabled receiving government help with the staples of life, but in the past the usual “hunger solution” was hard work. Of course, it is harder to find a job in our current economy. Social Security disability is one of our few growth industries. People who don’t fight to feed their own children are to be pitied. But it is possible that government programs encourage many to abdicate their responsibilities?

What we are witnessing is the failure of the power-grabbing federal government that began its expansion beyond constitutional limits in the 1930s. Progressive ideas have led us to near ruin. But the overt failure of these ideas isn’t enough to turn things around. You need voters. You need to win national elections. In short, you need the White House. With low-information voters, many of whom have been tricked into government dependency—the government actually looks for new food stamp recipients!—it is not at all certain that we can save ourselves.

In a nation in which a growing number of people that have lost the will to take responsibility for themselves and their families, we are in deep trouble. We have a large number of citizens for whom striving to make it against the odds, prevailing over difficulties, and living without government assistance are alien notions. This is a nation in which self-reliance and liberty are under attack.

Not only is government destroying our culture of self-reliance, but it's killing our civic society. More government simply crowds out the churches, neighborhoods, and non-profits that should be helping those who really are in need. Especially now.

Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs at the Independent Women's Forum.