Charlotte Hays

What is needed is ridicule. What about an ad featuring Muffy and Buffy in a chauffeur-driven car talking about how fabulous President Obama is for bringing out the big guns to force the Jesuits to pay for free contraception coverage (folks, we're talking about co-pays here, not the price tags for major surgery.) Or, as the maitre d' hovers over a Sandra Fluke look alike, "Sandra" and her friends make nasty cracks about peons who tried to get out of paying for their fun.

Of course, women like Ms. Fluke, worldly though they believe themselves to be, are being had.

As usual, the seducer is a smooth talking guy. Deep in his heart, President Obama knows that the contraception "issue" is nothing more than a ruse to unite his base. If he can convince women like Ms. Fluke that they live in a world of sinister Republican threats, he can distract them from noticing that the economy is at a standstill and that unemployment among women has risen by 15 percent since he took office.

Unlike Sandra Fluke's absurd claim that the burden of a co-pay will put her in the poor house, one aspect of this issue isn't funny: the war on religious liberty. When hard-edged feminists insist upon free contraception and abortion-inducing drugs, paid for by religious employers, whose consciences are being violated, and the federal government plays enforcer, it is a new day for the United States. When a growing portion of Americans believe that it isn’t their job, but the government’s, to provide for their basic needs, it is a dramatic and potentially devastating change in an American culture that has been known for independence and self-reliance.

As for Ms. Fluke, she is in for a rude awakening. She may very well succeed in getting free contraceptive coverage or closing down her alma mater-whatever-but she will soon be leaving the idyll of an expensive law school. A degree from a fancy school isn't worth what it used to be in a lousy economy.

Ms. Fluke may soon learn there are more important things that getting Father O'Reilly to pay for birth control. She will not be laughing.

Charlotte Hays

Director of Cultural Programs at the Independent Women's Forum.