Charlie Kirk

How do they do it? Well according to the Ozark’s website “Annual support from benefactors keeps the ‘Gates of Opportunity’ open wide…Full-time students work…to cover a portion of their cost of education. The remainder is underwritten through grants and scholarships, which are made available through donor provisions” (italics added).

So individual donors (yes, individuals…corporations are legally people but only real people make decisions) across the country have felt the need to address the financial cost of education; always a rallying call for social justice advocates. They have reached into their wallets, for whatever their motivations, to help provide a step up the ladder to young people who are willing to make the commitment and do the hard work. No gun to their head, no tax collector at their door, no community organizer shaming or bullying them into a charitable frame of mind. They give because they want to give. More important, however, is how they came to be able to give in the first place.

Every donor who supports Hard Work U has had to have undertaken some form of hard work themselves. They have to go out into the still somewhat free marketplace and produce something that somebody wanted to buy; something of value. Without the voluntary exchange and control of private property found only in a capitalistic system they would not have been able to obtain the means to their end which is to help others.

The intellectual founder of the invisible hand of capitalism was the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher Adam Smith. In The Wealth of Nations (title’s common abridgement) published in 1776, a well-known passage reads “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” This “their own interest” concept has been the intellectual prey into which collectivists sink their talons when decrying the unfairness of capitalism.

But Smith also wrote extensively on matters of justice and charity. He found nothing at odds within capitalism regarding either virtue. Instead he found them inextricably linked to one another. Smith knew that neither the butcher nor the brewer could help anyone at all without first enjoying success in the free market. Perhaps O’Reilly could buy the President a book?

Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk is 19 and the founder of Turning Point USA,, a national student organization dedicated towards educating young people about fiscally conservative values.