Charlie Kirk

The backlash to the NSA revelations from Millennials is real, it is deep and it is wide. President Obama’s poll numbers have plummeted within this group since the secrets leaked and they are not rebounding. It seems that the generation that places everything on the internet wants only what’s public at their discretion to become public. They have an expectation for their privacy for anything other than that. Where could they have gotten such a notion? See Griswold reference above.

This fear of young people regarding the government’s blatant violation of their privacy creates a wide opening through which conservative political figures can drive a voter-filled bus. Fox News Contributor Britt Hume has noted that the two ideological sides, left & right, touch each other at their extremes and that is why there was outrage over the NSA matter from both parties. The assertion is incorrect. This isn’t about political parties bending political light like Einstein. This is as simple as human nature screaming at the top of its lungs “It’s none of your business”!

Conservatives are the ones who caution the electorate at every opportunity as to the risks associated with big government intervention and control. It is the members of Mr. Obama’s Brain Trust that speak of all the great things a leviathan state can accomplish and how its every move is directed toward serving the public good and providing social justice. How can anyone take seriously the protestations of progressives about privacy rights when simultaneous with the NSA scandal they are instituting policies that tell you how much health care you can have and from whom you can have it?

As the powers and capabilities of government increase, the tools it possesses become available to more than just the well intentioned. It is unwise to assume a powerful sword is only wielded by a benevolent state. History conclusively tells us otherwise.

Conservatives need to use this as a clarion call to Millennials to take a serious second-look at the advocates of smaller, less intrusive government. If they dare, they can even send them text messages or emails.

Charlie Kirk

Charlie Kirk is 19 and the founder of Turning Point USA,, a national student organization dedicated towards educating young people about fiscally conservative values.