Chad Mathis

Which goes back to what I mentioned earlier; we need conservative leaders who can deliver. One of my opponents in this race, state Senator Scott Beason, introduced the Alabama bill that I watched go down in smoke last year. He offered it again this year, and it again failed.

That’s 0-2 on actually getting conservative policies enacted. When it comes to Beason, he’s known more for shock value than actual results for the people of Alabama. That’s why Ken Blackwell recently compared him to Dean Young – we all remember how that one went.

In times like these, we can’t afford politicians cut from either cloth, be it the status quo or putting on a show rather than winning the war of ideas.

I’ve got no interest in reforming Common Core or diluting it enough just to say we’ve done something so we can then leave it alone.

Like Obamacare, I want it sent to the scrap heap of history.

Real education reform starts by getting Washington out of every parent’s business. Local control, expanded choice, and an experience that fits the need of every student – not some government metric that takes none of these things into account – is what I’ll push for in Congress.

Chad Mathis

Dr. Chad Mathis, an orthopedic surgeon, is a Republican candidate for Congress in Alabama's sixth district.

Chad is a successful small businessman who was the driving force behind the creation of Alabama Bone and Joint Clinic, of which he is the managing partner. He is also the founding board chairman of the Alabama Coalition for Charter Schools.