Celia Bigelow

Let’s get real. As a young, 22-year-old, 140 lb. woman, I know that call boxes, pens, and whistles won’t do much good if ever faced with a crazed man twice my size. But when it comes to liberals—especially male politicians--it’s easy to fire off stupid solutions from ivory towers.

What frustrates these male elitists the most is that women are arming themselves, and it’s working. In fact, I would argue that women are arming themselves because guns work, and that fact is spreading like wildfire.

Piers Morgan, Joe Salazar, and the rest of these liberals should stop condescending to female gun owners. I didn’t buy my AR-15 for a certain color or because of “direct marketing.” I bought it because it will protect me from violent intruders. Any ladies out there without guns, you should too.

Celia Bigelow

Celia Bigelow--age 22--is a conservative strategist who appears on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN as well as other media outlets.